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Stadium Pictures

So I have been to games at 5 baseball stadiums in my life. Here are pictures of me at each one.

Oakland Coliseum


This is me at my first A’s game ever with my family. I went to one a few weeks earlier, and it was my first basbeall game ever…

Raley Field


This was at my first game in Sacramento betwen the River Cats and Omaha Royals…

Nationals Park


I went to my first game here over spring break…

AT&T Park


This is actuall my friend Ryan… I didn’t get any pictues of myself though… this actually wasnt my first game in San Fransisco, I went to 2 games in April 2007 with my friend Preston…

Rosenblat Stadium
I have actually been to two Omaha Royals games at Rosenblat… unfortunately, I havent found any pics… If I find them, I will post some…

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