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Videos of the Day

So yesterday I did pictures of the day. Today, videos of the day…
Let’s start off with the Miami Marlins song…

Now this next video I love. it is this kid who totally ca calls a Josh Willingham Home Run.

So the next two videos come from fellow MLBlogger and ballhawk Erik Jabs. He writes the MLBlog Counting Baseballs. Go check it out. But anyways, for the past 10 weeks or so he has been giving away MLB shirts and 2 weeks ago, I came very close to winning. Here is the intital video:

Then, if you watched that video (which I hope you did) this video follows…

Now this last video is of me ALMOST catching a home run at the A’s game on 9/2/11 if you rememberm where I got to meet Zack Hample. If you read the post, you know how frustrated I got because the usher would NOT let me get out of my seat. It pissed me off. I almost caught it, it landed abotu 5 feet behind me. And the hot chocoalte vendor ran off with the ball… Unfortunatly, I guess I cannot embed the video in because “Your browser does not support iframes.” Click here to see the video…

Thats all for now. I won’t have a new post up tommorrow because I have a baseball game and nothing up Thursday-Saturday because I am attending a state Leadership confrence in Costa Mesa with my Leadership class. After that, my family may either stay in LA or fly back down to LA for Spring Break. And yeah, go to some baseball games. I might got to a Dodgers-Angels exhibition game and potentally the Padres Opening Day. So we will se how this goes for now! Oh, and yeah, I will get up early tommorrow and Thursday to listen to the A’s games. They will also be rebroadcast on MLB Network sometime during the day. So stay tuned!

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Random Polls 2

Here are the reults from my last 3 polls:
What was my first mile time in PE?
7:27 75% (3 votes) Correct!!!
9:00 0% (0 votes)
6:06 0% (0 votes)
12:35 25% (1 votes)
Total Votes: 4

Who should I get an A’s jersey for?
Brandon Allen 40% (2 votes)
Josh Willingham 20% (1 votes)
Jemile Weeks 20% (1 votes)
Gio Gonzalez 20% (1 votes)
Anthony Recker 0% (0 votes)
Total Votes: 5

… and what color should the jersey be?
Gold 60% (3 votes)
White 40% (2 votes)
Total Votes: 5

More polls!!!

7/16/11 at O.Co Coliseum

First, I have to thank my family:

Let me just say, they are awesome! Being willing to be at the Coliseum for 2 games of Green Collar Baseball, plus the extra time, they really rock!

Double-dip at the Coliseum? Heck yeah! Saturday’s doubleheader was awesome! 2 games, one ticket, 35 minutes in between games.

My entire family went to this game, all four of us. We left our house around 11ish and were at the Coliseum at about 11:40. We got inside and went straight to our seats. and I don’t mean to brag, but they were pretty awesome.

Now that wall that you might be able to see on the left side is the wall that I kept leaning over to try to get balls. I love that wall. My seat was just barey out of the view from that shot. And we were in perfect ball snagging territory. I mean awesome! The bullpen was down and to our left and the outfield was was to our right. Jered Weaver was pitching for the Angels in the first game and was warming up with Jeff Mathis an hour or so before the game.

Now the reason I bother to show that picture is because when he was done warming up with Weaver, he tossed the ball to me. I was decked out in my A’s stuff, my gold jersey, stars and stripes hat, and green and gold bead necklaces. There were plently of other fans, most of them in Angels gear, but because I was the only youngster(ish) I got the ball. 1 down, a lot more to go (I hope)

What really pissed me off was that nobody was warming up on the field and it was 40 minutes before the game time.

Do you see anyone in that picture? No. I mean, it is a doubleheader and all, and a day game after a night game, so I can’t expect batting practice, but still, player at least might want top get ready or something like that.

Which brings me to my next topic. I went to get a hot dog and a $7 soda and when I came back, there was a ball sitting right about here:

And yeah, that is the picture before with a self-drawn red circle done in Photoshop. And yes, I don’t draw very well on the computer. But that is just about where the ball was sitting. 15 minutes before the game started some ball boy noticed it, ran to go get it and put in in my glove. I guess he can’t throw or something like that.

Once the game started, everything was pretty boring, I mean, If the right fielder got a thrid out ball, bam flip to me. A foul ball down the right field line, bam, me. Foul ball pulled by a lefty, bam I catch it. But no, the foul ball gods didn’t like me very much today.

There was one really exciting thing that happened for the A’s. For those of you that don’t know, Hedeki Matsui has 499 Home Runs combined between Japan and MLB. In the bottom of the 8th inning, with 1 out, Hedeki Matsui hit a line drive that looked like it was going to clear the wall and yellow line, and Bob Melvin thought it had.

But apparently it had hit just below the yellow line, and had instead hit off the out-of-town scoreboard. That left Hedeki Matsui standing on second base.

An then a pinch runner (Ryan Sweeny) was put in to run for Matsui. After that, the game was pretty boring, msotly cause the A’s lost. Then I had 35 minutes before the second game started. I decided to go to other side of stadium to get some ice cream, but I guess everybody else wanted to get out of their seats. It took us 30 minutes to walk from our seats to the other side of the coliseum, and we never got any food. Of course, Rich Harden decided for the A’s to change from the home white jersey to the Green alternates. Ervin Santana and the Angels changed to the Alternete red tops.

Coco Crsip (CF) and David DeJesus (RF) play catch during the top of every inning and instead of throwing it to a fan, Coco throws it to the bullpen. I know that may seem a little selfish, but still…

Another thing, if you have never been to the Coliseum in Oakland, there are some people in the RF bleachers that hold up signs that spell out Matsuiland every time Hedeki Matsui comes up to bat, and now, use them to cover their heads when birds fly over. They are pretty awesome.

No Angels players really wanted to toss a baseball to an A’s fan. Even though, the next day i did figure out a trick that didn’t help at all.

Other than that, most of the game was pretty humdrum, the Frozen Lemonade man completly avoided me during the second game and then, I realized that the game was tied. And then, the game went into extra innings. Then, Scott Sizemore cam up with runners on seond and third with two outs:


Scott Sizemore hit the ball in the Right-Center gap and yeah, the A’s won. Neighter outfielder threw the ball to me, they did something with it, no idea. But the A’s split the doubleheader. Overall, good day. On Sunday, I’m going to 80’s day with my dad and my friend Ryan . Looks like it should be a good day.

Preview for 5/31/11 A’s Game

Yankees vs Athletics
Tuesday 5/31, 7:05 PM PT at Coliseum
Radio: SportsRadio 95.7 FM

Brett Anderson

Brett Anderson: Anderson was dominant against the Angels in his last outing. He tossed a three-hit shutout over eight innings and struck out four batters en route to the win. He has allowed just four runs combined in his last three starts.
2011 season
3-4, 2.84 ERA, 1.18 WHIP, 56 Ks
vs. Yankees last 5 years
0-3, 4.68 ERA, 1.52 WHIP, 19 Ks

1. Crisp, CF
2. DeJesus, RF
3. Jackson, 1B
4. Willingham, DH
5. Sweeny, LF
6. Suzuki, C
7. Ellis, 2B
8. Kouzmanoff, 3B
9. LaRoche, SS


Freddy Garcia

Freddy Garcia: Garcia looks to string together back-to-back wins after defeating the Blue Jays with 6 1/3 innings of three-run ball on May 25. The veteran has allowed three runs or fewer in three of his last four starts.
2011 season
3-4, 3.26 ERA, 1.29 WHIP, 36 Ks
vs. Athletics last 5 years
0-1, 8.59 ERA, 2.32 WHIP, 7 Ks

1. Jeter, SS
2. Granderson, CF
3. Teixeira, 1B
4. Rodrigues, 3B
5. Cano, 2B
6. Martin, C
7. Swisher, RF
8. Jones, DH
9. Gardner, LF

Bottom Line: This is a must-win game for the A’s!

A Loose 5-0 to Bronx Bombers…

Bartolo Colon

Perfect weather on memorial day in front of a sell-out crowd of 35,067 at the coliseum in Oakland. There was just one thing missing. The A’s bats completely disapeared as they were shut out by Bartolo Colon and the Yankees 5-0.

Trevor Cahill only allowed four hits, inculding a home run my Mark Teixeria, but allowed 4 runs and tied his season high with 5 walks. Colon never strayed from a steady supply of strikes — 71 out of 103 pitches — that consistently found the mid-90s zone on the radar gun all the way through the last pitch in his first complete game since July 5, 2006, at Seattle. The beating followed a healthy stretch of offensive production, as the A’s entered the contest batting .286 over their last eight games, five of which resulted in victory. Aside from doubles off the bats of Josh Willingham and Cliff Pennington, the A’s couldn’t manage much in the hit column. And the walks were missing, too, as Colon refused to offer up a free pass. Cahill’s location was just as good, but only in innings not named the first. The young hurler admitted to losing sense of his mechanics a touch, as he did in his last outing, and noted that adjusting his arm slot when necessarily has presented the biggest problem. Previously, Cahill had allowed just one first-inning run for a 0.82 ERA and .139 opponents average in the first frame this year, and he had surrendered just six total in 41 first innings in his career.

One possible bright spot for the A’s was to see Mark Ellis contiue is fantastic defense as he made a brillinat play in the fourth, snagging a Brett Gardner line drive to end a Yankees threat.

Josh Willingham doubled in the second, but the A’s just couldn’t bring him home to score a run.In the bottom of the 6th inning, Kevin Kouzmanoff singled to start the inning, but was thrown out at second on a Coco crsip ground out. The A’s failed to score Coco, as Daric Barton grounded out to Robinson Cano. Kurt Suzuki singled to lead off the eight, but was erased on a double play grounded into by Mark Ellis. Cliff Pennington doubled to lead off the bottom of the ninth, with the A’s hoping to aviod being shut out. Coco crisp grounded out to second base and advanced Cliff to thrid. The A’s had a runner on third with one out, but Daric Barton popped out to Alex Rodriguez in foul territory. They had two outs and a runner on third, but David DeJesus flied out to Brett Gardner to seal the shut out for Bartolo Colon.

This could have been a winnable game for the A’s only if they had been able to score some runs…

A’s Win 5/29/11!

The Oakland Athletics swept the Baltimore Orioles today and got their season-high 4th win in the row.
The A’s got 10 hits for the 4th day in a row and DeJesus was the only starter that didn’t get a hit. Willingham cashed in with 4 RBIs, so he now has 35, tied for 12th in the Majors, 6th in the AL. Josh also hit a three-run home run, his 9th home run, tied for 10th in the AL, 20th in the majors. Moscoso pitched 5 inning, allowing 4 earned runs, and one strikeout. Crsip stole his 16th base of the year in the 7th inning. The bullpen was solid, allowing only 2 hits in 4 inning. Andrew Bailey made his first apperance in 2011, fresh off the DL. He had a 1-2-3 seventh inning. Balfour got his 11th hold and Fuentes sealed the game with his 11th save of the season.

Willingham hit his 9th home run of the year.

Here are the stats for today’s game:

HR: Willingham (9, 5th inning off Britton, 2 on, 2 out).
TB: Crisp; Barton; Jackson, C; Willingham 5; Suzuki, K; Ellis; Kouzmanoff 2; Pennington.
RBI: Willingham 4 (35), Jackson, C (13), Barton (13).
2-out RBI: Jackson, C; Willingham 3.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: DeJesus; Jackson, C 4.
SAC: Pennington.
SF: Barton.
GIDP: Pennington.
Team RISP: 3-for-8.
Team LOB: 9.

SB: Crisp (16, 2nd base off Accardo/Wieters).

DP: (Balfour-Pennington-Barton).

Guillermo Moscoso got the Win (2-0, 3.27)

2B: Hardy (6, Moscoso).
TB: Pie; Guerrero; Wieters; Hardy 3; Reynolds, Ma.
RBI: Pie (5), Reimold (7), Markakis (16), Guerrero (22).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Reynolds, Ma 2; Wieters; Andino.
SAC: Andino.
GIDP: Wieters.
Team RISP: 1-for-6.
Team LOB: 5.

SB: Reynolds, Ma (3, 2nd base off Breslow/Suzuki, K).

DP: (Andino-Hardy-Scott).

Zach Britton sufferd the loss (5-3, 2.93)

W: Moscoso (2-0, 3.27)
L: Britton (5-3, 2.93)
SV: Fuentes (11)
Here is Tom Green’s summary of the game:
For the first time all season, the A’s swept a three-game series. They have Josh Willingham to thank for that.

Willingham drove in four runs, including a three-run go-ahead home run, as the A’s downed the Orioles, 6-4, to complete the sweep.

Willingham’s fifth-inning blast, his ninth of the season, capped a four-run inning that saw the A’s rally from a 4-1 deficit and climb back to .500 on the season. Fittingly, like the A’s did all weekend, Willingham’s round-tripper came with two outs and when the A’s needed it the most, as Baltimore had put up a four-spot on the board in the top of the inning.

Starter Guillermo Moscoso, making his second start for the injured Tyson Ross, cruised through the first four innings on 40 pitches, but stalled in the fifth, when the Orioles sent eight men to the plate. Moscoso (2-0) gave up back-to-back singles to lead off the inning before Robert Andino reached on a fielder’s choice that baffled the A’s. Andino laid down a bunt and the A’s attempted to get the lead runner out at third, but he was called safe — prompting an argument from A’s manager Bob Geren.

As a result, Moscoso found himself in a bases-loaded jam with no outs. One at-bat later, Felix Pie hit a fly ball to right-center field and a diving Coco Crisp couldn’t come up with the ball, resulting in a run. Moscoso then gave up a bases-loaded walk before surrendering consecutive RBI groundouts and eventually escaping the inning.

But once again, the A’s found timely hitting, as they recorded double-digit hits for the fourth straight game and all four of their runs in the fifth came with two down. The lead was good enough to put Moscoso in line for the win before handing the game over to the bullpen, which tossed four scoreless innings — including one from two-time All-Star closer Andrew Bailey, who made his first appearance of the season after being sidelined with a right forearm injury.

Brian Fuentes recorded the save (11)

Preview for 5/26/11 A’s Game

May 29th, 1:05 PT

G. Moscoso (1-0, 0.00) Moscoso filled in well for the injured Tyson Ross on Tuesday. He tossed six shutout innings and allowed only three hits as he helped the A’s snap a six-game skid as well as notch a win in his first outing of the season.

Guillermo Moscoso

1. Crisp, CF
2. Barton, 1B
3. Jackson, LF
4. Willingham, DH
5. Suzuki, C
6. DeJesus, RF
7. Ellis, 2B
8. Kouzmanoff, 3B
9. Pennington, SS

Z. Britton (5-2, 2.35)- Britton received his third straight no-decision on Tuesday night against the Royals. After battling for six innings, the southpaw gave up three earned runs on nine hits, but received just two runs of support.

Zach Britton

1. Pie, LF
2. Jones, CF
3. Markakis, RF
4. Guerrero, DH
5. Wieters, C
6. Scott, 1B
7. Hardy, SS
8. Reynolds, 3B
9. Andino, 2B

-The A’s are going for the sweep of the Orioles today
-The A’s are 19-4 when they score four or more runs in a game, 7-23 when they score less than 4 runs, lets score 4 runs!
-Moscoso can get the win for the A’s
-Geren should get tossed in the first inning just so the A’s win the game
-Put Fuentes in if it is a save situation, not with the bases loaded, bottom nine, tied 3-3!
-Bailey is off the DL, Cramer to AAA, expect to see Bailey sometime in the game
-The A’s are great in day baseball- let’s win!