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Mail Time! #4

I feel like I should call these entries “Mail Time!” Don’t know why, but I do. If you have any better suggestions, I will happily take them!

So, when I came home from school today (Wednesday- yep, this package showed up on the 28th and I am getting the entry up on the same day!) I found an envelope for me in the mail.

Here is the envelope that I pulled out of the mailbox.

Yes- I did use a roll of white out tape to cover up my address. Don’t question my methods.

In case you don’t know, I have emailed every MLB, PCL, California League, and NBA team, along with a few other random teams. This envelope was from Minnesota, so I figured it was from the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The first thing I found was a letter.

It is actually personalized to me! That is a first!

I then found two Timberwolves temporary tattoos. (No, I did not alliterate on purpose)

Then next thing I pulled out were 3 Wolves SilyBandz. Does anyone remember those? They were a fad 2-3 years ago.

After that, I pulled out four logo stickers

The final item items that they sent me were 3 2012-2013 pocket schedules.

Yesterday, I got an email from the Los Angeles Lakers saying that they would send me a Fan Pack, so I’ll have that entry up as soon as I get it. This morning, I got an email from the Frederick Keys, the A-Advanced affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles. They said that they mailed out some 2012 pocket schedules, and if I want a 2013 pocket schedule, to email them in March of 2013.

That’s it for this short entry! I’ll try to mix in some other entries soon with the mail entries, regarding my various baseball-related collections as well a few other ideas that I am currently working on.

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