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Mail Time! #21

Last weekend, I got two envelope, each on Friday and Saturday!

On Friday, I came home from school to find an envelope from the PawSox. You might remember they sent me this envelope a few weeks ago20130209-144954.jpg

I found a paper schedule20130209-145001.jpg

And 2 really awesome looking pocket schedules!20130209-145007.jpg

The 2nd envelope on Friday was from the San Diego Chargers20130209-145021.jpg

I frist pulled out these two pieces of paper20130209-145028.jpg20130209-145033.jpg

Followed by this team photo20130209-145042.jpg

And this small sticker sheet20130209-145048.jpg

On Saturday, I got envelopes from the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins

Here is the envelope from the Canucks20130209-145115.jpg

I got a letter from them20130209-145121.jpg

Along with a sticker20130209-145127.jpg

And these 5 player cards!20130209-145135.jpg

This is what they all looked like on the back20130209-145143.jpg

Here is the envelope that I got from the Boston Bruins20130209-145149.jpg

I pulled out this funny bumper sticker20130209-145155.jpg

And this bottle opener20130209-145201.jpg20130209-145215.jpg

Along with these two wristbands20130209-145221.jpg

And this large magnetic schedule for the shortened season!20130209-145226.jpg

Finally, I pulled out a paper schedule as well20130209-145233.jpg

How cool is that!?

Well I know I have appreciated the amount of mail picking up, which allows for more entries for you guys!

Thanks for reading!

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