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Mail Time! #19

Last Wednesday, I got 3 Fan Packs in the mail!

The first one was from the Indianapolis Indians20130206-195022.jpg

Inside, I found one pocket schedule20130206-195029.jpg

The second envelope was from the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes20130206-195037.jpg

I pulled out a pocket schedule20130206-195050.jpg

And baseball cards of their two mascots20130206-195109.jpg20130206-195116.jpg20130206-195857.jpg20130206-195103.jpg

My final envelope was from the Oklahoma City Thunder20130206-195152.jpg

The first item I pulled out was this card20130206-195201.jpg

I opened it up to find there was a handwritten note inside. How cool is that?20130206-195206.jpg

I then pulled out these two patches20130206-195212.jpg

And this temporary tattoo20130206-195217.jpg

Followed by this pocket schedule20130206-195223.jpg

Then this wristband20130206-195228.jpg

Lastly, I pulled out this game program20130206-195237.jpg

Cool stuff!

Thanks for reading!

Check back in 2 days for another Fan Pack entry!

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