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4/13/13 at the Oakland Coliseum

It was 2012 AL West Champs fleece blanket day. Oh Yeah!

My dad and I left our house around 8:30, I picked up my new glasses, and we headed off to Oakland.

I would say it took about 25 minutes to get there. Quickest it has ever taken either of us to get to Oakland. We arrived around 9:15 am or so.

Anyway, once we had parked, we started walking towards gate MM, when I realized that I had left my rosters in the car. My dad headed back to the car to grab them for me, and I headed to get in line at MM. I was SHOCKED to see that there were over 50 people in line an hour and 45 minutes before the gates were supposed to open.

Who was at the front of the line? Will is on the left, Ross is on the middle, and Daniel is on the right.


Why were they doing the Bernie? The guy on the right had one of those mini portable speakers and it was playing Bernie Lean.


Once my dad got back, he got in line and I decided to walk around a little bit, as I always do.


As you can see, they had the lines set up to double back and forth, like they did for Scott Hatteberg bobblehead day.

The lines were pretty long…


I had to walk around a lot. Since we were up against the wall, they were attempting to squeeze us in pretty tight!

At this game, my school’s Jazz Band was going to be playing the national anthem! As I was walking around, I saw them getting their tickets.

I stopped by and talked with some of them up until 10:30 or so, at which point they headed inside for a sound check, and I headed back to get in line…

Yeah… it was PACKED! I didn’t get in line right away, I just walked around in the BART Plaza, as I didn’t want to stand in that line for 30 minutes.

I decided to just get in line 15 minutes before the gates opened. Right after I got in  line with my dad, Will popped over and asked me which seats I wanted him to save me. I asked him if he would be able to save my regular seats for my dad and I, and he was happy to do so! How awesome is he!?!?

I got out of line again, as this was the scene at 11 am…


I was just wandering around near the front of line, when Will asked if I wanted to jump in line with him. OF COURSE! Thank You very much Will!

At 11:07, the gates opened and I ran in, grabbed my blanket and was off! A lot of people don’t know how to get to the bleachers from MM, but I have it down. You run straight, turn right, and run down these stairs.

Make a turn into that tunnel, and you’ll be at the entrance to the bleachers!

Obviously, I was already there as my dad was heading down.

The A’s were stretching when we got inside.


Doug Fister was throwing a bullpen.




And Tigers players were playing catch.



Like I said, the A’s were stretching.


Without looking at the next picture, can you tell me wh- HEY! I SAID DON’T LOOK AT THE PICTURE.


Awesome. You looked at the picture. But, yes, I headed over to where the Tigers were playing catch.

As the A’s continued to stretch.

AJ Griffin and his luscious hair were jogging along the warning track.


I would have headed over to the A’s bullpen area, but as I mentioned, they were just stretching.



I was trying to get a ball from one of the Tigers players. There was one sitting barely out of my reach on the field, and I was determined to get it.


The seats were pretty empty.

IMG_8760Miguel Cabrera was showing lots of love for the RF Bleacher crew.


One of the Tigers players that was playing catch overthrew the ball and pitching coach Jeff Jones walked over and tossed me up the ball!

Right as he picked the ball up, my phone started to ring. It turned out, it was my dad!


Here I am talking with him. Yes, he did take this picture.


Once I got that ball, I decided to take the rest of the day off from ballhawking and relax. I headed back to the bleachers just to chat with people, even though the A’s were playing catch.


Sean Doolittle used to be a power-hitting first baseman, Now he is a pitcher.


Here is Tommy Milone.


Jerry Blevins.


Running drills…


Sidewinder Pat Neshek and pitching coach Curt Young.


Neshek running.


Evan Scribner running


Blevins, Scribner, and Chris Resop running


A’s bullpen catcher Casey Chavez


Hiro Nakajima is still rehabbing, he played a bit of catch with a team assistant.



Here was my view for the game.


This is the 1 ball I snagged during pregame.


The field cleared VERY quickly, so I had a lot of time to relax and such.

As he was coming from the indoor cages to the clubhouse, Miggy and the Tigers gave the RF bleachers some love.



Octavio Dotel was one of the few players left on the field.


He was playing catch with this guy.


I have no clue what is going on here.


Players were still walking in from the indoor cages.


Eventually, uniformed players and coaches started coming out to stretch and get loose.

Derek Norris usually does some drills near the bullpen.


Justin Verlander was taking the bump for the Tigers.



Brett Anderson was going to counter him for the Green and Gold.

The grounds crew worked on Watering the field.


This guy was catching for the Tigers.


Then, these people walked onto the field.


My school’s Jazz band was playing the national anthem for the game!


Here they all are!


It was pretty cool to see!


My dad got a video of the performance.

How awesome is that?

The Tigers bullpen catcher, Scott Pickens, warmed up Verlander.



Derek Norris warmed up Anderson.


How cool is this photo?


Jeff Kunkel is the Tigers 2nd bullpen catcher.


While my dad was out and about wandering around, I got this really cool picture of Verlander.


Chris Young was rocking the stirrups.


Most of the position players began to filter onto the field.


Verlander took the bullpen to get warm.IMG_9325


Here are 3rd Base Coach Mike Gallego, middle infielder Jed Lowrie, Manager Bob Melvin, and 1st Baseman Brandon Moss sitting in the dugout.

Anderson took to the bullpen mound to warm up.


Tigers position players got loose on the field.


Chris Young seemed pretty entertained by it all.


Verlander finished up in the bullpen.


The A’s took the field.


And Brett Anderson took the hill.


Brandon Moss was starting at first base.


I know this isn’t anything new, but my dad took AMAZING pictures.


The BIG MAN, Prince Fielder.

V-Mar looking at a pitch.




And making contact!


Popped up…

Torii Hunter was in RF for the Tigers. More on that soon.


John Jaso, the A’s catcher was LEADING OFF.

As expected, Verlander was dealing.




Jaso rounding first base.


Chris Young running with the bat in his hand.


Now he is running down the line.


Josh Reddick stepping to the plate.


Looking at a few pitches…


Just a bit outside.


Foul Ball


On top of his head!


Matt Tuiasosopo at the plate.


Sogard and Reddick running into the dugout.

The Tigers bullpen.


The A’s bullpen and a unicorn.


Back to Torii. Remember this last year when he was on the Angels? He delivered Popeye’s Chicken to the RF Bleachers. As one might expect, he now has a great relationship with them.


All day, the umpire was making TERRIBLE calls behind the plate. See anything special here?


Look again.

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 2.18.05 PM

HIS EYES WERE CLOSED! I’ll have more proof, don’t worry.

Torii was enjoying chatting it up with RF.


Seth Smith swinging…



And running.


On 1st base, Verlander tried to pick him off a few times.



Josh Donaldson made GREAT contact with the ball today.


Well the umpire had his eyes closed more when Eric Sogard came up.



Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 2.22.39 PM

I know the ball has already made contact, but STILL.


As always, Right Field was lively.


Of course the umpire ALWAYS had his eyes open when the Tigers were up to bat.


I take that back…


Everyone was just chilling in the A’s dugout.


And Torii was all smiles!


Chris Young had some great swingsIMG_0080


And of course we have Josh Reddick…


Here we had Josh Donaldson (#20) and Andy Parino (#12)

As I was out of my seat using the restroom, Prince Fielder stepped to the plate.


Guess what da BIG MAN did?

Yep, He hit a homer. Dead center.


Curt Young paid Anderson a visit to the mound.


The A’s were hitting the ball hard and making great contact.


As displayed by Derek Norris.


I got this cool photo of Josh Reddick (and his beard) warming up in right field.


Derek Norris was performing his usual magic tricks behind home plate.


Then, Pat Neshek came on the mound. Boy oh BOY did I have fun taking pictures of him! Back to that soon…


The A’s bullpen was thoroughly entertained. So was the unicorn.


Back to Neshek. It continually amazes me with how accurate submariners and sidearmers are.


It also sometimes looks painful.


It is, however, AMAZING to watch.


All of these pictures were taken by me, and it was A LOT of fun!


It was a beautiful, sold out day at the Coliseum!


But, seriously! HOW DOES HE DO THIS?


I honestly don’t know.


Away from Neshek for a bit, here is Eric Sogard. #NerdPower


The Bill King broadcast booth was looking lively as always.


Rick Porcello began to warm up in the Tigers bullpen.


Along with Phil Coke.


The bleachers were rockin!


As Phil Coke took the mound for Detroit.


I swear, this is my last picture of Pat Neshek.


Josh Reddick was very nonchalant about his warmup tosses with Coco Crisp in the outfield.


In the middle of the 8th, as always, the A’s played Call me Maybe. Will was not impressed.


Oh, and Bob Melvin was ejected.



Why? Andy Fletcher had his head up his a** all game long.

Here is a very short video my dad got of the incident.

Joaquin Benoit took the mound for the Tigers in the late innings.


Eric Sogard was taking some mighty swings.


Like I mentioned, you CANNOT umpire a game with your eyes closed. It is UNACCEPTABLE.

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 6.14.53 PM

Believe you me, I have about 50 more pictures where Andy Fletcher has his eyes closed. But I have chosen not to not bore you to death.

Evan Scribner took the hill for the A’s at the end of the game.


A majority of the crowd was still on hand, despite the score that had  the A’s behind.




That’s all. The A’s lost. Here I am with my 1 ball and the fleece blanket. The end.IMG_1365

Thanks for reading!


  • 5th Game of the Year
  • 1 ball at this game
  • 4 balls in 4 MLB games this season = 1 Ball Per Game
  • 14 Balls in 5 Games this season = 2.8 Balls Per Game
  • 4 Consecutive Games with at least 1 Ball
  • 3 Consecutive MLB Games/Games in Oakland with at least 1 Ball
  • 32 Lifetime Major League baseballs
  • 57 total balls


Nick Badders is a unofficial reporter for He writes the blog, 7000 Coliseum Way, and you can follow him on Twitter @nickbatters or his blog @7000ColiseumWay. You can also LIKE his blog on Facebook or follow him @nickbatters or his blog @7000ColiseumWay on Instagram. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

1/27/13 at A’s FanFest

Wow. This was a truly incredible day!

Last year, A’s FanFest was the same weekend, on Sunday, January 29th. It was a lot fo fun and you can read about it here!

It started off at 6am, when I woke up and slowly got ready, with the rest of my family out of bed by 6:45. We were out of the house and on our way to Oakland at 7:20, getting there around 7:50, where I found about 6 lines, each with 20-50 people. I got in the shortest line, which was to the far right. My dad and sister shortly arrived from the parking lot, with folding camping chairs and blankets, as we had a 1.5 hour wait in front of us.

Like I mentioned in this entry, the event was taking place mainly at the Oracle Arena.

My sister and I decided to wander around a little, so we headed towards the Coliseum, where people were waiting anxiously in line for single-game tickets, like I did last year.

We then headed past Gate A and up the ramp towards the BART Plaza.

Along our way, I got a couple of photos of signs like these.

When we got to the BART Plaza, I saw an electronic sign that was flashing “FAN FEST SOLD OUT. SINGLE GAME TICKETS ON SALE AT 9AM.”

When we got over by B and C gate, I took note of the parking lot.

The day before, there had been a supercross event at the Coliseum, so they have been unable to hold FanFest there. All of the semi-trucks were still parked in the lot.

We eventually made our way back, at which point I decided to sit in one of the chairs and relax.

My dad got a couple more good photos of me.

The lines behind us grew much longer.

And this guy’s hat attracted more and more attention!

Around 8:45, this was the scene.

At this point, my dad and I left the line, bringing the chairs and stuff back to the car, as we headed to go pick up our media credentials for BlogFest!

On our way pack to the car, the line had gotten pretty long!

At 9am, we picked up our passes. This is what my press pass looked like. How cool is that?

We made our way back towards the Arena, where we still had 25 minutes to wait in line.

At 9:30am, the lines started to move, and people were brought in. I would say there were 20 or so people in front of me in line.

It felt like a mad dash to get to the bleachers! I ran inside the barricaded area between the Coliseum and Arena, and ran inside, up an escalator, and got in a very short line for the Authenticated Memorabilia stand, which quickly grew VERY long. I’m sure you are wondering what the big deal was.

This was the scene before I was let in.

As soon as you walked in, to the right, there was a table, with game-worn batting helmets and hats, each was $40.

In the center, there was another table with the $40 helmets.

In the right of this picture, you see people crowding around the coveted jerseys table. BP/Spring Training jerseys were $30 each, Bob Melvin/Josh Reddick/Brandon McCarthy jerseys were $200 each, and all other jerseys were $100 each. In the center, you should see a table with plastic bags, that inside contained dugout jackets that were each $100!

There was also this table, with game-used bats for $100.

And to it’s left, there were champagne bottle from the Playoff clinching and AL West clinching clubhouse celebrations for $30 each.

Along with these items, there were signed aprons from MUG Root Beer float day for $20, DVDs commemorating the 2002 20-game win streak for $20, and bases for $100.

Game-used pants were $10 each, and I would say they had about 7 different styles, mostly from throwback games.

There were also 2 tubs of game-used baseballs, which I thought nothing of. I later saw people with lots of different commemorative balls, which I think would have been cool to have!

I grabbed this program that was sitting by the bin of balls

In the end, I purchased a #31 nameless batting practice jersey ($30), which I knew must have been worn my Kirk Sarloos, because he was #31 when the A’s wore this style of jersey.20130127-201208.jpg20130127-201213.jpg

I also got a game-used batting helmet ($40)20130127-201202.jpg

Pair of game-used throwback pants ($10)20130127-201222.jpg20130127-201227.jpg

This Root Beer float day apron, signed by David Justice ($20)20130127-201235.jpg

And these COOL knee savers, with the #8 on them, so I will assume that they were Kurt Suzuki’s ($10)20130127-201242.jpg

I got those 5 items, spending $110. How cool is that??

From there, my family and I walked around the upper concourse area, where my dad peeked in on the court area and snapped a few really cool pictures!

We quickly stopped at the Kids Club table, where my sister purchased a kids club kit and got an autograph voucher.

From there, we headed down to the lower concourse, where I was looking for anything free.

I grabbed these 5 soft balls at a Sport Clips table

Along with a few other freebies

At the Sport Clips table, they were giving free hair cuts, which I thought was kind of cool! IMG_1070

We stopped at the Stockton Ports table, where I got a bunch of free stuff!

4 of these Baseball cards

And 4 of these bookmarks:

4 of these team photos

And these two items as well!

After that, we stopped at the Athletics Magazine table, where I signed up for a 2013 subscription, and was given this free magazine from 2012!

From here, we headed outside.IMG_1072

We decided to get in line for the clubhouse tours! We entered at the Employee Entrance

And were ready to head down this long ramp
IMG_1082 IMG_1091IMG_1100

The only reason they couldn’t hold it in the Coliseum was because of the Motercross event the day before. There were a bunch of dirt mounds on the field.

We walked through the concourse a little, then down a few more ramos, before we got to this signIMG_1111

We then walked down this tunnel

We eventually got to what seemed like the area near the clubhouse.

We walked past the Umpire’s room

And saw this sign

There were a few more signs like that along the hallway like these

We then walked past the weight room

And took a look inside

We kept going, walking past theses signs

Finally, we were right accross the way from the clubhouse, in the hallway with lots of cool memorabilia

We walked past Steve Vucinich’s office. “Vuch” is the A’s equipment manager

We finally got inside, and I took another pictures of this sign

This is how the clubhouse was laid out

Ariel Prieto, Yoenis Cespedes’ interpretor, as a locker right next to Cespedes

Jim Miller, Travis Blackley, and Dallas Braden all have lockers next to each other

Last year, Mike Gallego, Eric Sogard, and Tommy Milone greeted people in the clubhouse. This year, it was new bullpen coach Darren Bush. Here is the thing… NOBODY recognized him! Except for me, that is!

I immediately approached him, and he was very excited to see that someone had recognized him. I felt bad for him! Darren is a great guy, and I have a feeling I will be getting a few balls from him in 2013! IMG_1164

We left the clubhouse at headed out get autographs, since the autograph coupons we had received upon entry were for session #1, which was supposed to end soon. There were 3 autograph stations outside, in the area between the Coliseum and Arena. There were signs above each station with the people signing at each table.

The line for Cespedes and Taylor was way too long, so we got in line for Josh Donaldson and Ray Fosse. We got in line and stood there for about 5 minutes, before we were next in line.

I got both Josh Donaldson and Ray Fosse to sign both sides of the bill of a souvineer french fry helmet that I got at a game in 2012

This was the scene behind the autograph lines

Cespedes and Taylor were both busy signing

My dad was accidentally given 2 autograph coupons for session 1, so he gave his second one to me, so that I could get two more autographs!

I got in line to get Tommy Milone and Pat Neshek to sign the souvenir helmet as well

After we got autographs, we headed to the under level of the Arena. I saw a line where you could take a picture with Sal Bando and Billy North, along with the *4* A’s World Series trophies.IMG_1214

I was just standing next to the line watching the “action” when it got to a point that nobody was moving forward. Apparently Ray Fosse was scheduled next for the photos and *Everyone* in line was waiting for him. The volunteer that was controlling the line yelled out that anyone that wanted a photo with Billy North and Sal Bando, along with the trophies, could go to the front of the line.

I put everything with my parents, since they didn’t want a picture, and I jumped right to the front of the line. Oh Yeah!EPSON MFP image

We then headed to the main level, where we got some food and checked out the Sacramento River Cats table.

I picked up this wristband at the stand

After we got our food and sat down, I realized that it was time for my dad and I to head off to BlogFest.

We left my mom and sister at the Q&A session and headed off to drop off some stuff at our car before heading to meet up.

If you don’t remember what BlogFest is, just click here to read what I wrote a few weeks ago about it!

I got to the meeting spot at about 12:40.

There were lots of other bloggers there as well, including people from A’s Farm, BeanBall, Athletics Nation,, A’s Fan Radio, and many more!

We walked into the Oracle Arena, down some stairs, through a few tunnels, into the underbellies of the Oracle Arena, and we arrived here!

When we got into the room, I set up in the back corner of the room with my phone and laptop IMG_1246

This was the setup in the room20130206-213717.jpg

This was the sight from the side of the room

The back

We had about 15 minutes to prep before Adam, who coordinated this event, brought in 2012 AL Manager of the year Bob Melvin!IMG_1255IMG_1264

After Melvin, PR Director Bob Rose came in and talked to us for a little bit, while Adam went to get Assistant GM David Forst.

Adam soon showed up with David Forst!

Once we finished up with David Forst, Adam went to get Mike Gallego, the A’s 3rd base coach, who had some great stories to tell!

I’m sure you are wondering what those 3 guys said…

Here is the deal. I have an audio recording of all 3 interviews. Right now, I am working to transcribe all 45 minutes of interviews, and publish IT ALL in a separate blog entry, with analysis of what they said.

It is taking a long time to get everything together, so hopefully, I will get everything up within the next week!

We left the press conference room with everyone else and headed back up to meet up with my mom and sister.

My dad had to leave to go pick up my grandmother and uncle, as we would be driving them out of town after FanFest, so I was alone with my mom and sister.

If you remember from this entry, then you know that in the mail, my family was invited to a special season ticket holder photo meet-and-greet session. The line was getting long, so my mom got in line, while my sister and I decided to wander around.

We headed upstairs to the Memorabilia sale that I had visited earlier, and prices had drastically decreased!

Jackets, baseballs, bats, helmets, and Spring Training jerseys had sold out, however game-worn jerseys were $40, Game-worn hats and pants were $5 each, champagne bottles from the 2012 clubhouse celebrations were $15 each, DVDs from the 2002 season were $5 each and aprons from MUG Root Beer float day were $5 each.

I first grabbed a 2002 DVD for $520130206-213818.jpg

Then this pair of pants for $5, so that I would have matching home and road pairs.20130206-213828.jpg20130206-213837.jpg

I then went over to take a look at the hats. $5 for a hat is a great price alone, but these are 59fifty hats that are usually $40 with tax. Then consider the fact that they are game-worn!

They only had road and 2012 BP hats left, and since I already have a 2012 BP hat, I searched through all the road hats, and found 2 in my size (7 3/8).

I got this one20130206-213731.jpg

That had Tye Waller’s #46 written on the inside20130206-213740.jpg

This hat is special for me because Tye Waller tossed me my first ever baseball.

The second hat I picked up was this one20130206-213749.jpg

It had a #37 written on the inside, with a MLB Authentication sticker20130206-213758.jpg

I looked it up through MLB’s authentication program, and check it out!

Ron Romanick, the A’s pitching coach in 2011!

Can you guess what I did?20130206-220228.jpg

Yay!! “Official” Certificate printed out from the website!

After making this $20 purchase (No, my sister did not ask for anything), we headed back down to wait in line with my mom. The line was moving VERY quickly!IMG_1372

We got to the front of the line, to find YOENIS CESPEDES was taking pictures with group #4 of season ticket holders!IMG_1373

I really wish my dad could have been there with us. It was very, very awesome!

After this, we headed back upstairs, since my sister and I both had received special autograph coupons that allowed us each to get another autograph.

I handed mine and the souvenir helmet that I had previously gotten signed to my mom and she and my sister got in line for Eric Sogard’s autograph.

I headed back to the memorabilia sale to look around. All they had left were jerseys, DVDs, pants, and a few hats. They were desperate to get rid of everything! Hats were still $5, and those were swooped up quickly. DVDs were still $5, and there were A LOT of those left over.

However, they had A LOT of pants left, and there was a lady walking around yelling “PANTS ARE $1 EACH!”

WHAAAAA? I immediately ran over and picked up 3 more pairs of throwback pants- the 3 pairs that they had laying out that I hadn’t already picked up.20130206-213903.jpg20130206-213913.jpg20130206-213920.jpg20130206-213928.jpg20130206-213937.jpg20130206-213945.jpg

Then, I took a look at the game-used jerseys that they had lying out. They were…. *$20* each!

I looked at each jersey, and since there was only one in my size, I immediately grabbed it!20130206-220212.jpg20130206-220221.jpg

A #63 Danny Farquhar green jersey! How cool is that?

Who is Danny Farquhar you might ask?

“He was traded to the Oakland Athletics from the Toronto Blue Jays along with Trystan Magnuson for outfielder Rajai Davis after the 2010 season.
On April 18, 2011, Farquhar was traded to the Blue Jays in exchange for reliever David Purcey.
Farquhar made his major league debut on September 13, 2011, against the Boston Red Sox. He pitched 0.2 innings and allowed three earned runs on three hits, while walking two with no strikeouts. Farquhar was later optioned back to New Hampshire. On June 2, 2012, the Blue Jays designated Farquhar for assignment after claiming Chris Schwinden off waivers from the New York Mets.
On June 9, 2012 the Oakland Athletics claimed Faquhar off waivers from the Toronto Blue Jays. After making five appearances in the minor leagues for the Sacramento River Cats, the Athletics waived him to select the contract of A. J. Griffin.”

*He never played a game for Oakland, just the AAA River Cats
*He was in the A’s organization twice
*He was waived for a guy that I saw make his MLB debut.


Here was my final haul of stuff that I picked up at the memorabilia sale. Great deals, neat stuff, AWESOME!20130206-213955.jpg

I talked with a few people, and before I knew it, my mom and sister came back.

Here is the helmet that I got signed

At this point, we headed out and met up with my dad, grandma, and uncle and headed out of Oakland.

This was an amazing day, and I had some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities! I met great people, got great deals, and had a great time!

This event put me just one step closer to Opening Day!

For me, I am looking forward to an exciting season as an A’s fan and season ticket holder!

Later that night, I went on BlogTalkRadio with RF Bleacher regular Will MacNeil to talk about the RF Bleachers and our experiences at FanFest. You can listen to that broadcast here.

Nick Badders is a unofficial reporter for He writes the blog, 7000 Coliseum Way, and you can follow him on Twitter @nickbatters or his blog @7000ColiseumWay. You can also LIKE his blog on Facebook or follow him @nickbatters or his blog @7000ColiseumWay on Instagram. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.300x50_mlblogs_top100