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Pre- 2013 A’s FanFest!

Tomorrow, for those of you who don’t know, is A’s FanFest!

I’ve been very busy recently, so I clearly haven’t been posting much, however I do have more to post!

Like I said, today is A’s FanFest and I am very excited for this busy day!600x400_fanfest_info_71ke8o4j_txqtjcx7

FanFest starts at 10:30am, however the doors open at 9:30.

I’m sure you are wondering what A’s FanFest is like. Do you remember this entry about it last year?

Here is a map of the event. Click on it to go to the PDF version, where you can take a closer look!

Tickets were $10 to the general public and the week before tickets for FanFest went on sale, there was a special season ticket holder presale, where tickets were only $5 with a coupon code for season ticket holders only. That is when I got my tickets.

Tickets went on sale Friday, January 11th. There were 10,000 available including the ones that were from the STH presale. Do you want to know when FanFest SOLD OUT? Tuesday, January 15th! That is 5 days for tickets to be on sale. 12 if you count the STH presale.

Ok. Tickets are sold out, which sucks for people who couldn’t get them.

After tickets sold out, they were selling on StubHub for OVER $100 A PIECE!!! How crazy is that?

However, you can visit the homepage or visit on Sunday to watch the Q&A sessions in a live stream.

Again, this FanFest is taking place at the Oracle Arena, which is right next door to the Oakland Coliseum.

Before the doors open, 2013 individual game tickets go on sale at 9 a.m. PT at, by phone at (877) 493-2255, and at the Coliseum D Gate Box Office.

Along with that, you have:
Highlight video and team introductions!600x400_fanfest_trophies_c2satwe4_po2hasrj
Starting at 10:30 a.m.
Q & A Sessions
Question and Answer session with A’s players and coaches
Autograph Sessions
Get autographs from A’s players and coaches. Coupons will be provided with specified autograph session upon entrance into FanFest.600x400_fanfest_autographs_avofabgu_bgcwhaxp
Player Photos
Get your photo taken with A’s players and coaches by a professional!
Meet & Greet Photos
Take photos with A’s players with your own phone or camera! Volunteers will be on hand to take these photos.
World Series Trophy Photos
Take photos with the A’s four World Series trophies and former players from the World Champion teams.
Comcast SportsNet SportsCaster Experience
Read an A’s highlight on camera while hosting SportsNet Central600x400_fanfest_clubhouse_g69tt9mv_0qrse8rs
Kids Club Sales
Be the first to purchase the new 2013 Kids Club Kit. Each kit purchased receives a coupon for an exclusive autograph session.
Memorabilia Sale
Purchase game used items. Proceeds benefit the A’s Community Fund.
Coach’s Corner
Ask coaches and players questions regarding baseball topics
Clubhouse Tours
Take a tour of the A’s clubhouse

Hopefully, that gives you a clue as to what exactly will be at A’s FanFest. Among that, there are also MANY players scheudled to attend. Who, you might ask?
“A whole bunch of them! Yoenis Céspedes, Ryan Cook, Coco Crisp, Josh Donaldson, Sean Doolittle, Grant Green, A.J. Griffin, Tommy Milone, Hiroyuki Nakajima, Pat Neshek, Derek Norris, Jarrod Parker, Josh Reddick, Adam Rosales, Evan Scribner, Seth Smith, Scott Sizemore, Eric Sogard, Dan Straily, Michael Taylor, Chris Young, Bob Melvin, Darren Bush, Chili Davis, Mike Gallego, Chip Hale, Tye Waller, Curt Young, Sal Bando, Ray Fosse, and Bill North will be in attendance. Appearances are subject to change.”600x400_OAK_FanFest_s06jleth_tzx7yxbp

That is 31 people attending, with 3 of them being former A’s players (Curt Young is a former Athletic as well, but he is currently the pitching coach), all 7 coaches, and 21 players!

The Autograph Sessions will work different than last year, which I didn’t even participate in.
“A’s players, coaches and former players will be signing autographs throughout FanFest at three stations on the plaza, in between Oracle Arena and Coliseum. Autograph coupons will be distributed upon entrance to FanFest, while supplies last. Autograph Sessions are limited to those with designated coupons. For example, if you receive a coupon for Autograph Session 1 from 11:15 – 12:00pm, you must attend that session. Fans may choose a specific autograph table during their designated session, until the line reaches capacity. Once a line is full, fans must choose a different table. There will be a choice of three tables each session and you will be guaranteed placement at one of the tables during the designated time on your coupon. Players will be announced 15 minutes before each session.”

If you also want to, you can also get Text Alerts throughout the day:
“If you are attending A’s FanFest, text FANFEST to 60946 to receive A’s FanFest updates on your phone during the event. Msg&Data Rates May Apply. Text Stop to 60946 to Quit. Text Help to 60946 for Help.”

So, for a quick recap:
• 2013 individual game tickets go on sale at 9 a.m. PT at, by phone at (877) 493-2255, and at the Coliseum D Gate Box Office.
• Entry to FanFest begins at 9:30 a.m. PT
• Highlight video and team introductions at 10:30 a.m. PT
• FREE Autograph Sessions, Player Photos, Meet & Greet Photos, Memorabilia Sale, and more FREE interactions throughout the day
• FREE Parking at A’s FanFest.

If you want to see basically everything I just said, but on the A’s Website, click here.

Now, I’m going to dive into something else that will be happening at FanFest.

A few weeks ago, I saw something on the A’s website called A’s BlogFest. It was about how they were having a contest for bloggers! I went ahead and entered all my information, left a link to my blog, and wrote a few paragraphs about it, and I was told that I would find out this past week if I was chosen.

If already follow me on Twitter, then you would know that I was sick last week.

On Wednesday, you might have read this Tweet:

Now I can tell you! On Wednesday, I got this email:
Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 11.41.23 AM

How awesome is that?!?

So the following day, I got an email with A LOT of information.

Here is what I will share with you for now:
BlogFest will begin at 12:45 p.m. At that time, you will have media workspace available to you in the Blog Room (full details below).

The schedule for our event, which will feature three press conference-style sessions, will be as follows. A’s players and staff are subject to change.

1:00-1:15 p.m. Manager Bob Melvin
1:15-1:30 p.m. Assistant GM David Forst
1:30-1:45 p.m. Starting pitcher Jarrod Parker & third base coach Mike Gallego

This is something I am very looking forward to!

I will have a separate entry about BlogFest up by the end of January, with an entry about FanFest coming up in a week or two.

Here is what I want to ask of you, readers. Do you have any questions for any of those four guys? If so, let me know in the comments down below, or on Facebook or Twitter, and I will do my best and try to ask of all your questions!

Then, if you remember, from my last mail entry, I also got a coupon for a special season ticket holder meet-and-greet. Hopefully, my whole family will be able to do this, as it is pretty cool!

Later that night, once I have gotten home from FanFest, at 8:30pm PST, I’ll be going on BlogTalkRadio, LIVE, with RF Bleacher 149 Die-Hard, Will MacNeil! I’ll talk with him a little about bleacher life, then we will be talking about the awesomeness that was A’s FanFest!

You can click right here to tune in a listen LIVE!

I still don’t know my plans for FanFest, but I hope this entry gives you an idea as to what will be going on!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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