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4/13/12 at Banner Island Ballpark

Today’s game was a Stockton Ports game, the A’s Class-A advanced team. Well right after I got home from school, I called my dad asking when he was going to leave work for the 7:05 game. Well he was having a hard time getting out, so all I could do was wait.

My goal had been to leave at 4 for the estimated hour long drive to Stockton and get there around 5, in time to pick up our tickets and my Facebook contest prize and get in line before the gates open at 6. So I checked the estimated drive time on Google maps… 2.5 hours!!! There had been a huge head-on collision or something and debris had flown everywhere and it was crazy backed up.

My dad came home around 4 and I got ready, and we left at about 4:20. We took some backroads and at 4:45, we were supposed to get there around 5:30. Around 5:15, it started to rain… oh boy… the rain let up quickly enough and we arrived at Banner Island Ballpark in Stockton at about 5:30ish.

Once we go there, we headed to the front office to pick up the “Ports Prize Pack” that I won on the Ports Facebook page. I came out with this.

But apparently we aren’t allowed to bring bags into the stadium, so we brought everything, including my A’s backpack into our car and headed to line.

Very short. Very nice. Once we got inside and received our rally flag and magnetic schedule, we headed to our seats behind the dugout, where some nice usher cleaned off the wet seats.

Our view was fantastic!

So I wandered around and looked down onto the field and saw this.

If you can’t see, this is what I saw…

While I was wondering how I would get it (For the record, nobody ever goes down there, so I din’t get the ball), a bunch of players walked down the aisle past me and onto the field.

I walked the opposite direction and looked into the dugout. Pretty cool.

Before the game, there was a parade for a nearby little league and it was really great to see them enjoying everything so much.

After that, I saw a ball boy with a ball in his hand and asked him for it, but he just ignored me, as he handed it to some season ticket holder.

Ports players were starting to warm up down the right field line, so I headed down there to try my luck. No luck. I knew who everyone was, but no luck with a ball. I headed back to my seat, and tried to get a ball there, but no luck there. (Fast forward to the game.) A.J. Cole was pitching for the Ports.

Now to most people, this may not seem like a big deal, but to me, he was a key piece in the Gio Gonzalez trade, so it had a lot of meaning to me.

He actually turned 20 and the beginning of January, so it was really great to see someone so young pitching. This was my view for most of the game. We had the whole 3 rows of the section to our self for the entire game, and for most of it, actually, I stood in the cross aisle behind the section and chased foul balls. I came close to three in the first inning. The first two were hit to the right of me, so I sprinted that way and arrived a split second too late, but I almost got them on a bounce, but a little kid got them both times, so I was glad. The third one was hit to my right, and I sprinted off that way, but it bounced too high when I got there and OUT of the stadium.

So when it comes to foul balls in Stockton, long story short: stand in the parking lot. Had i done that, I probably would have caught 3-5 foul balls.

In the top of the second, A.J. Cole got a strike out for the second out of the game, and the catcher, whose first name was Petey threw the ball down to third to catch a runner stealing for the third out. Most people thought it was the second out, some people thought it was the third out, and there was a lot of confusion. The third baseman, Miles head tossed the ball to me and I had my first Minor League ball, and my 6th lifetime ball.

I didn’t actually get a picture of the ball on my dad’s camera, but I did get a picture of the Petey right before the play.

However, I *DID* get a picture on my phone

For the rest of the game, I was at the dugout after infield warm ups, and at the end of each half inning, but other than that, I stood in the cross aisle for a foul ball.

In the third inning, it started to rain very hard, so they brought out the tarp and there was a twenty minute delay.

In that time, I went to get some food and wander around. I then went and stood here, but the usher said I had to move…

For the rest of the game. I sat here. (I am the one in the green in the first row)

And for the record, there is a wall in front of the seats, and it is about a foot and a half tall. I would have more pictures, but my dad’s camera kind of died, so I don’t really have any pictures left to show you.

I didn’t get any more balls, but honestly, I am fine with one. It was a great game and I had a great time!

• 1 balls in 1 Minor League Game games this season = 1 ball per game.
• 1 ball in 2 baseball games this season = 0.5 balls per game.
• 1 ball at this game
• 6 Lifetime baseballs
• 1 Lifetime Minor League baseball

Nick Badders is a unofficial reporter for He writes the blog, 7000 Coliseum Way, and you can follow him on Twitter @nickbatters or his blog @7000ColiseumWay. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

2012 Baseball Season

Ok… so I have started to plan out my 2012 baseball schedule and this is what I have at this point.

I am really looking forward to this event, here is what it says at the A’s website:

Date: Sunday, January 29
Time: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Location: Oracle Arena next to the Coliseum
A’s FanFest features:
-Free autographs
-Free question-and-answer sessions
-Free photos with the four World Series Trophies
-Free clubhouse tours
-Memorabilia sale to benefit the A’s Community Fund
-Free parking

-Current Players, Coaches, and Former Players Expected to Attend:
-Brandon Allen
-Brett Anderson
-Daric Barton
-Jerry Blevins
-Vida Blue
-Dallas Braden
-Adrian Cardenas
-Chris Carter
-Coco Crisp
-Chili Davis
-Joey Devine
-Mike Gallego
-Chip Hale
-Scott Hatteberg
-David Justice
-Brandon McCarthy
-Bob Melvin
-Tom Milone
-Jermaine Mitchell
-Jarrod Parker
-Brad Peacock
-Cliff Pennington
-Anthony Recker
-Josh Reddick
-Rick Rodriguez
-Adam Rosales
-Tyson Ross
-Joe Rudi
-Scott Sizemore
-Seth Smith
-Eric Sogard
-Kurt Suzuki
-Michael Taylor
-Gene Tenace
-Neil Wagner
-Tye Waller
-Jemile Weeks
-Curt Young

Additional players to be announced and added. Appearances are subject to change.

Oh. Yes. This is looking like it is going to be pretty awesome. I will be tweeting live from the event, so follow @7000ColiseumWay or @nickbatters. I will try to tweet from both as much as possible. As you do that, if you have a Facebook, go ahead and LIKE us. All the likes and follows are much appreciated, it proves to my parents that this isnt a complete waste of time and it builds by self esteem up a lot.

And I just found out, but if you go here, there is a map, which will help a lot.

Single-Game Tickets go on sale at 9am and yes, I will be standing in line @ 9am ready to buy some tickets.

Here is how I plan to have the day go, pending my parents’ approval.

I want to leave our house for the Coliseum sometime between 7 and 8 am to get in line for tickets. Once we get there, I plan on us immediately getting in line at the Coliseum Box Office for Tickets. We will probably have to wait in line for a while, but we will be buying tickets to at least one game (I’ll get to that in a sec). Once we have purchased our tickets, we will get in line for FanFest at Oracle Area. Once we enter the Area at 10am, I am going to figure out how things work and try to get as many player autographs and pictures as possible. I also would love to be able to get some family and/or personal photos with the 4 World Series trophies at some point. There are also going to be clubhouse tours that I am looking forward to. I am probably most looking forward to getting to meet all the players we received in trades and free-agent signings this offseason. This looks like it’s going to be some fun.

Now… when it comes to tickets…
Two words… Oh. Boy.

I have had a big conversation with my family about tickets and we have argued a lot. So at this moment, as I am typing this, this is what we have planned…

Sunday, June 24th, 1:05 vs SF Giants
This is one of the only reasons we are showing up early for tickets. My mom really wants to go to a Giants game at the Coliseum, and even though its not ideal in the sense of ballhawking, it still would be lots of fun to go to this game. Given that we are showing up early and the small amount of A’s season ticket holders, I am counting on getting really good seats if we show up early enough.
The reason I want to sit here, If you go to the link is because there is nothing in front of the railing, potentially giving me room to lean over and scoop up a foul ball. Note that the bullpen is to the left, good place for toss ups. In my ideal world, we would get aisle seats in the first row next to the bullpen, on the left side of the section. I am keeping my fingers crossed! It would also be cool to sit anywhere near either dugout, preferably the A’s or next to the umpire tunnel on the 1B side, but either works. Now because the A’s are playing the Giants, tickets are extra, so seats around the dugout are $55. For those of you who don’t go to A’s games, those are the 3rd most expensive seats at the Coliseum. My parents are used to cheap tickets at the Coliseum, so $55 seems like a fortune to them. I’ll be working on that. It also doesn’t help that I am trying to get them to buy me a MacBook for my b-day (April 17th) so I have some work to do.
And for this game, I want to sit in section 127…
Please click here to see the panoramic view of section 127

Wednesday, June 20th, 7:05 vs LA Dodgers
Yeah. I know, I went backwards in time. Wait, you didn’t know I am a magical warlock that can bend time? Whoops, I guess I forgot to mention that…
Anyways, this day happens to be a BART $2 Wednesday. If you don’t know, tickets in the Plaza Reserved and Plaza Outfield for every Wednesday home game are $2. Yesh. But it is also MUG Root Beer Float Day (Sponsored by PEPSI) and this is a fun event every year that the A’s have. They are also playing the Dodgers, and if you remember, I went to a game in July, so I would love to see them play in Oakland too. And I might invite my friend Ryan to this game. He was the one that invited me to the Dodgers game, and I also went ot this game with him.

Now… at this point, it looks like we are only going to buy tickets to those 2 games on Sunday. As you would guess, I would love more, but im not going to complain, because i am very fortunate to even get tickets to one game or to go to FanFest at all.

My family has also committed to going to another game that we can’t buy tickets for on Sunday…

Sunday, April 22th, 1:05 vs Cleveland Indians
For this game, my entire school district is having a fundraiser and we will all get discount tickets, have a tailgate, sit together, and get a special T-Shirt… its also Little League Day, so that to.

I think that’s about it, believe it or not. Remember to follow this blog, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or comment in the comment section below…

Nick Badders is a unofficial reporter for He writes the blog, 7000 Coliseum Way, and you can follow him on Twitter @nickbatters or his blog @7000ColiseumWay. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.


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