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Mail Time! #23

Sorry for not having posted in a while! I’ve been so busy, plus I haven’t gotten too many packages these past few weeks

Today, I have 3 Fan Packs to show you.

The first of these is from the Miami Marlins20130304-235858.jpg

I first pulled out a 2013 pocket schedule20130304-235904.jpg

Followed by a letter20130304-235910.jpg

And a paper printout roster20130304-235916.jpg

I next found this logo sticker20130304-235922.jpg

And brochures as to how to get a Marlins license plate20130304-235928.jpg

And join the Marlins Fan Club (Which is actually a pretty cool deal if you ask me! I *might* get it)20130304-235937.jpg

After that, I pulled out these three player photo cards20130304-235943.jpg

Lastly, I pulled out this magnetic schedule. I love the Marlins new logo (AND HR Thingy), and I love bright colors- So I loved this magnetic schedule.20130304-235949.jpg

The next Fan Pack is from the Nebraska Corn Huskers20130304-235957.jpg

Inside, I found 2 football stickers20130305-000018.jpg

A baseball pocket schedule20130305-000023.jpg

And two LARGE posters20130305-000029.jpg20130305-000534.jpg

The final fan pack I have will BLOW YOU AWAY

I now know why the Houston Astros can’t afford any good players. They put all of their money into fan packs for their Minor-A Team. Here is the BOX that the Tri-City Valley Cats sent me20130305-000542

On the top, I found this team photo20130305-000549.jpg

A 2013 wall calendar20130305-000555.jpg

I then pulled out this card20130305-000601.jpg

And this sticker20130305-000607.jpg

The next item I pulled out was this small box (2 inches wide for reference)20130305-000612.jpg

I opened it up and BAM! I found this miniature replica NYPL Championship trophy!20130305-000618.jpg

This was the final item I pulled out of the box. A bobblehead box????20130305-000624.jpg

I opened it up to find this!20130305-000630.jpg

A Derek Jeter bobblehead?? How cool is that!?!?!

Wow… This was one of my best ever Mail Time entries, would you agree?

Thanks for reading!

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