4/4/14 and 4/6/14 at the Oakland Coliseum

Wow… This is my first entry in a LONG time. I apologize for not publishing any entries in May. I’ve been focusing on school for the past month and a half, so I have not had time to publish, much less write any blog entries. However, I’ll have a new blog entry every day for the next 9 days after today, either here or over at Beyond the Outfield Fence.  Here is what the schedule looks like for the upcoming week.

  • Friday, June 13th (today): 4/4/14 and 4/6/14 at the Oakland Coliseum
  • Saturday, June 14th: 4/12/14 at Banner Island Ballpark (Beyond the Outfield Fence)
  • Sunday, June 15th: 4/22/14 and 5/5/14 at the Oakland Coliseum
  • Monday, June 16th: 4/26/14 at Banner Island Ballpark (Beyond the Outfield Fence)
  • Tuesday, June 17th: 5/4/14 at Banner Island Ballpark (Beyond the Outfield Fence)
  • Wednesday, June 18th: 5/10/14 at the Oakland Coliseum
  • Thursday, June 19th: 5/11/14 at the Oakland Coliseum
  • Friday, June 20th: 5/25/14 at John Thurman Field (Beyond the Outfield Fence)
  • Saturday, June 21st: 5/30/14 at the Oakland Coliseum
  • Sunday, June 22nd: 6/13/14 at the Oakland Coliseum

However, I will be out of town from Sunday the 15th to Saturday the 21st. I won’t be active online during that time period, whether it be replying to comments here or staying busy on social media… I’ll get all caught up on the 22nd, don’t worry! STILL… PLEASE comment on the entries and let me know what you think. I’ll be having them automatically post at 12pm PST (noon) each day, so make sure to check back every day for a new entry!

Let’s get to the games now, shall we? This entry does not feature any games that will go into my ballhawking stats. I wanted to share two games with you that I did not ballhawk at that will show you more stadium life than anything else.

First off, I want to share the exasperating experience that is April 4th. It was the first Friday home game of the year, and the A’s were once again opening gates at 4:30 on Fridays to let fans in for A’s BP.


However, it started POURING rain just before 4:30 and not only did they cancel BP, but they pushed back gate openings until 5pm. So, we got to stand in the rain for 1/2 an hour. When we got inside, this was the scene.


It had finally stopped raining, however it was still a little wet, and as you can see above, it was very windy.


There was nothing much to do until the A’s pitchers started playing catch down the LF line.

I didn’t get any balls there, but I did get a few pitchers to sign my flag, including Sonny Gray.IMG_3101

I then spotted the Mariners warming up down the RF line, so I made a beeline for the right field corner, where I met up with Danny Farquhar. I’ve told this story many times before here, but I’ll do it again as a refresher. At FanFest 2013, I bought a Green Danny Farquhar jersey. He never actaully played with the A’s.

I held up the jersey after he finished throwing and he LOVED it!


He even signed it!IMG_3109
I loved how excited he was over personally, my favorite jersey. He genuinely seemed surprised, but happy. We talked for about 5 minutes, mostly about jerseys.

I then headed back to the bleachers where I relaxed with my mom and sister for a while. Around 6:30, the tarp was still on the field, which confused me, because it had stopped raining right before 5. Then, around 7pm, it was announced that the game time was going to be postponed due to field conditions. Around 7:30, they announced that the game was officially postponed.

The night before, the A’s had consulted with a “weather expert” or something like that who told them that it wasn’t supposed to rain overnight, so they could leave the tarp off and dry out the field. Well it rained a lot overnight and I guess it was too soggy to play.

Given that I didn’t snag a ball and there was technically no game played, I am not counting April 4th in my ballhawking stats.


Now, I want to share with you the game I attended on April 6th.

When my family renewed our season tickets back in December, we were given some early bird perks. One of them included a DEEPLY discounted luxury suite. Given that my birthday is in mid-April and my 16th birthday was coming up, my parents decided to splurge and get the suite for me and some friends. THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!

I chose this game because the A’s had an off day on my actual birthday and the weekend games closest to my birthday would be a mess due to giveaways and such. Well the group met up at BART and we took the train to the Coliseum.


It felt weird being at the stadium so “late,” as we were getting there at a normal time (around 12:20 for the 1:05 game)


This was the food setup. Hotdogs, nachos, drinks, popcorn, salad, peanuts; the basics.


We were lucky enough to get the suite in dead-center, where there are no bleacher seats.


See? This was the view to the left and right.



It was neat to see the stadium from a different perspective.


Sonny Gray was on the mound for Oakland in the Sunday afternoon game against the Mariners.



I won’t share many details from the game, mostly because it was so long ago, however I will share some pictures with you, like these ones of Josh Donaldson.




And this one of reliever Luke Gregerson…


I was debating bringing my flag with me, to wave out the front window, but I decided with this instead.


Yes, that is a very big glove. It’s the same one that Zack Hample, Rick Sporcic, and Spencer Sanborn have. No, I don’t know where it was ordered from. It was a Christmas gift from my parents. Aren’t they the best?

I really like this picture of me… I discovered it as I was writing this entry and thought it was really cool.


Jim Johnson pitched the ninth for Oakland and he actaully did fairly well.



The A’s won!


Our group stayed to watch the little kids run the bases, which was a lot of fun!


Then we took BART home. It was a good day!


Thanks for reading, everyone! Remember, check back here to find out when my next entry will be posted. Remember… noon every day for the next week. Go A’s!


Nick Badders is a blogger for MLB.com. He writes the blog, 7000 Coliseum Way, and you can follow him on Twitter @RFNick149. You can also LIKE his blog on Facebook. This blog entry was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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