2013 in Review

Wow… I wasn’t sure what to expect out of 2013, but it sure delivered!

Before we start… Make sure to read to the bottom of the post… I have an announcement!

Like last year, I am basically going to go over every entry from the year with you. I’ll give you a link, a short description of the entry, and a picture from the entry. Just click on the date from each entry to check that entry out. Here we go!

In the month of January, I got some mail, introduced some changes, and got ready for A’s FanFest! I had 3,163 total views in the month of January, that is an average of about 102 views each day. I was ranked 19th in the MLBlogs Latest Leaders for the month of January 2013. In the 9 entries I published in January, I wrote 4,957 words.

On January 1st, I gave you 20 of my goals for 2013. Some of them were unrealistic, some of them were very realistic. For all purposes of simplicity, I will be combining my MLB and MiLB ballhawking stats. Let’s take a look at how I did…

  1. Snag 57 Baseballs combined between MLB and MILB: I was hoping to break 100 lifetime combined balls. I snagged 80 Minor League Baseballs and 40 Major League  Baseballs. I more than doubled my goal for the season. Success!
  2. Snag 7 game balls: I only snagged 1 MLB game-used ball. That was a foul ball on July 31st. However, I snagged 10 Minor League foul balls. 11 foul balls. I consider this goal a Success!
  3. Don’t get shut out: I got shut out 5 times in 2012, in 21 games. That is an average of 1 shutout every 4.2 games. That’s not very good for a ballhawk, but I didn’t chose my games very well. In 2013, I was shut out 12 times in 40 games. That’s a shutout every 3.33 games. My average did lower, however I chose not to ballhawk a few games, so those were included in my stats. I also poorly chose my ballhawking games. I did not meet this goal.
  4. Snag at least one of each 2013 Commemorative ball: The Astros and Rockies were the only teams to use a commemorative ball on a daily basis. I didn’t see the Rockies play, but I did see the Astros play. I didn’t get a ball from either team. The Tigers used postseason balls during BP of the ALDS. I should have gotten one, but I didn’t. I did not meet this goal.
  5. Catch a home run: Nope. I did not snag a game home run. There is always next year. I did not meet this goal.
  6. Average 3.5 Balls per game: In 2012, my average was 1.53 balls per game for MLB Games, and 2.5 balls per game for MILB Games. In 2013, my average for MLB games was 1.48 balls, while for MiLB games, it was 6.15 balls. I averaged 3 balls per game between MLB and MiLB. Close, but not my 3.5 goal. I did not meet this goal.
  7. Have a double-digit game: Yes! I did not reach double-digits in an MLB game, but did it three times at the Minor League Level. That was 25% of my minor league games. On April 5th, I snagged 10 balls. On July 27th, I snagged 11 balls. On August 6th, I snagged 13 balls. Success!
  8. Attend 25 Games: In 2012, I went to 21 games: 15 MLB and 6 MiLB. In 2013, I went to 27 MLB Games and 13 Minor League games. Success!
  9. Visit 10 Different MLB and MILB Stadiums: I went to 4 stadiums this year: O.co, AT&T, Banner Island, and John Thurmond. This goal was unrealistic to begin with, but there is next season. I did not meet this goal.
  10. See 5 teams play that I have never seen play before: Going into 2013, the only 2 AL Teams that I had not yet seen play were the White Sox and Astros. I saw both teams play in 2013. I saw the Diamondbacks and Reds play in 2013, two teams I had not yet seen play. In the Minors, I saw the 66ers and JetHawks play for the first time. 6 new teams… Success!
  11. Have a hat for all 29 MLB Teams (I will NEVER buy or wear a Yankees hat, so they don’t count): I would love to say I met this goal. I don’t yet have a Pirates hat. So if there is anyone out there that would like to make that happen for me, just let me know 😉 I did not meet this goal.
  12. Have a shirt for all 29 MLB Teams (Same thing as above- I will NEVER buy or wear a Yankees shirt, so they don’t count): I still need a shirt for the Twins, Diamondbacks and Rockies. Like I said, if there is anyone out there that would like to make these happen for me, just let me know 😉 I did not meet this goal.
  13. Collect 10 Different Giveaway Items: With the A’s- I got 4 rally towels, a magnetic schedule, a blanket, a bobblehead, a jersey, a cereal bowl, a bobble-torso, a drawstring backpack, a stein, a Season Ticket Holder tumbler, and a team photo. 11 different types of MLB giveaways! With the Ports, I got a logo baseball, a bobblehead, a jersey, and some baseball cards. 13 different kinds of giveaways in 2013. Success!
  14. Get 30 Autographs: I did not focus on getting autographs this year. I got around 15 or 20. I did not meet this goal.
  15. Win the MyGameBalls.com Scavenger Hunt: I was so close! However, the Cook family once again just barely edged me out. I had 56 points, while they beat me with 73. Next year! I did not meet this goal.
  16. Finish in the top 3 for the MyGameBalls.com Junior Ballhawk of the Year Award: I was absolutely overwhelmed and shocked by the fact that this year, I was the Runner-Up!  Grant Edrington deservingly won, snagging over 100 balls and a home run ball! He received 19 1st place votes, 1 2nd place vote and 4 3rd place votes, for a total of 63 points. I received 6 1st place votes, 8 2nd-place votes, and 4 3rd-place votes, for a total of 38 points. Success!
  17. Finish in the top 20 in the MLBlogs Latest Leaders: I was in the latest leaders every month of 2013. I finished 24th for the year of 2013! Not in the Top 20, but it is Rickey Henderson’s number, so I’m okay with that. However, I did not meet this goal.
  18. Get a Media Pass for a team: I got one from the A’s at FanFest, as well as media passes from the Ports and Nuts. Success!
  19. Get all of my game entries up within 5 days of the game: I was hoping I would, and for the most part, I did okay, but  I cannot consider this a success. I did not meet this goal.
  20. Meet many new people and have lots of unforeseen adventures and fun! Yes, Yes, and Yes! 2013 was an absolute blast. I met so many new people and had a great time doing it. Success!!

So… I have met 9 of my 20 goals and might have met another. Not great, but not horrible either. I will roll out some new goals once again on January 1st.

On January 4th, I posted a blog entry thanking everyone for helping me be the 67th most-read MLB.com fan blog of 2012.


On January 6th, I got wrote about the mail I got from the Miami Dolphins, Los Angeles Lakers, and Bakersfield Blaze.


On January 12th, I gave you all a few changes that I was planning on making in 2013.

On January 13th, I introduced this blog’s logo, designed by Adam Olson!

badt-gvcaaauqwq-largeOn January 19th, I shared with you the mail that I got from the Washington Nationals, Philadelphia Eagles, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as well as the fact that my tickets to FanFest showed up!

20130118-175646On January 20th, I redesigned the blog and posted, just to let you guy know.

On January 26th, the day before A’s FanFest, I posted to let you guys know about A’s FanFest and give you some information about it!

600x400_fanfest_info_71ke8o4j_txqtjcx7Then, on January 29th, Bob Rose, the A’s PR Director blogged about A’s BlogFest, which I participated in, so I reblogged it to share it with you all!


1 Month. 3,163 Views. 9 Posts. 4,957 Words Written.

In the month of February, I got some mail, made some videos, and had a contest! I had 7,180 total views in the month of February, that is an average of about 256 views each day. I was ranked 12th in the MLBlogs Latest Leaders for the month of February 2013. In the 11 entries I published in February, I wrote 8,530 words.

On February 1st, I introduced my February Giveaway contest.


On February 7th, I thanked everyone for getting 7000 Coliseum way to the 19th most-read fan MLBLog.


On February 9th, I got mail from the Cincinnati Reds, Houston Astros, and Carolina Hurricanes.


On February 10th, I announced the launch of my YouTube channel.

On February 11th, I finally got around to blogging about my experience at A’s FanFest, including the press pass that the A’s gave me to participate in BlogFest.


On February 13th, I got mail from the Indianapolis Indians, Rancho Cucamonga Quakes, and Oklahoma City Thunder!


On February 15th, I introduced Part 2 of my February Giveaway contest and announced the winner for Part 1.

On February 16th, I talked about the mail I got from the Buffalo Sabres and Los Angeles Dodgers.


On February 18th, I got mail from the Pawtucket Red Sox, San Diego Chargers, Vancouver Canucks, and Boston Bruins.

20130209-145149 (1)

On February 23rd, I made a video for a few of my fan packs. I got mail from the Chicago Cubs, Atlanta Braves, San Jose Sharks, and Detroit Red Wings.


On February 24th, In introduced my Spreadshirt store, where you can purchase 7000 Coliseum Way-related things.


2 Months. 10,343 Views. 20 Posts. 13,487 Words Written.

In March, I went to some hockey games, got some mail, talked about BlogTalkRadio, and introduced BallhawkFest: West. I had 2,298 total views in the month of March, that is an average of about 74 views each day. I was ranked 31st in the MLBlogs Latest Leaders for the month of March 2013. In the 5 entries I published in March, I wrote 3,971 words.

On March 7th, I asked you guys a few questions about BlogTalkRadio. Hopefully, I will bring that back when my life is a little less busy.

On March 8th, I got mail from the Miami Marlins, Nebraska Cornhuskers, and Tri-City Valley Cats.


On March 9th, I blogged about the Stockton Thunder game I went to in February with my dad and uncle. We had glass seats and there was lots of fighting!


On March 11th, I introduced BallhawkFest: West, which was very successful and took place on May 18th!


On March 17th, I blogged about the Stockton Thunder game I attended on March 9th, with my dad.


3 Months. 12,641 Views. 25 Posts. 17,450 Words Written.

In April, baseball was finally back. I wrote about 3 A’s games and more! I had 5,117 total views in the month of April, that is an average of about 171 views each day. I was ranked 21st in the MLBlogs Latest Leaders for the month of April 2013. In the 7 entries I published in April, I wrote 13,190 words.

On April 1st, I published a quick entry before heading off to Opening Day. I gave my predictions for standings and awards. Let’s see how I did. I will cross out predictions that were incorrect and put the correct team or name next to it. For the playoffs- I will italicize the team name if they played in that particular round.

AL East: 1 of 5

  1.  Tampa Bay Rays Boston Red Sox
  2. Toronto Blue Jays Tampa Bay Rays
  3. Baltimore Orioles
  4. Boston Red Sox New York Yankees
  5. New York Yankees Toronto Blue Jays

AL Central: 1 of 5

  1. Detroit Tigers
  2. Kansas City Royals Cleveland Indians
  3. Cleveland Indians Kansas City Royals
  4. Chicago White Sox Minnesota Twins
  5. Minnesota Twins Chicago White Sox

AL West: 2 of 5

  1. Oakland Athletics
  2. Seattle Mariners Texas Rangers
  3. Lost Angeles Angels
  4. Houston Astros Seattle Mariners
  5. Texas Rangers Houston Astros

Wild Card: Kansas City over Seattle Tampa Bay over Cleveland

ALDS: Oakland Over Kansas City Detroit over Oakland

ALDS: Tampa Bay over Detroit Boston over Tampa Bay

ALCS: Oakland over Tampa Bay Boston over Detroit

NL East: 1 of 5

  1. Washington Nationals Atlanta Braves
  2. Atlanta Braves Washington Nationals
  3. Philadelphia Phillies New York Mets
  4. New York Mets Philadelphia Phillies
  5. Miami Marlins

NL Central: 3 of 5

  1. Cincinnati Reds St. Louis Cardinals
  2. Pittsburg Pirates
  3. St. Louis Cardinals Cincinnati Reds
  4. Milwaukee Brewers
  5. Chicago Cubs

NL West: 3 of 5

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers
  2. Arizona Diamondbacks
  3. San Francisco Giants San Diego Padres
  4. San Diego Padres San Fransisco Giants
  5. Colorado Rockies

Wild Card: Pittsburg over Atlanta Pittsburgh over Cincinnati

NLDS: Washington Over Pittsburg St. Louis over Pittsburg

NLDS: Cincinnati over Los Angeles Los Angeles over Atlanta

NLCS: Washington over Cincinnati St. Louis over Los Angeles

World Series: Washington over Oakland in 6 games. Boston over St. Louis in 6 games.


AL MVP: Yoenis Cespedes (OAK) Miguel Cabrera (DET)

NL MVP: Joey Votto (CIN) Andrew McCutchen (PIT)

AL Cy Young: James Shields (KC) Max Scherzer (DET)

NL Cy Young: Stephen Strasburg (WAS) Clayton Kershaw (LAD)

AL ROY: Wil Myers (TB)

NL ROY: Travis d’Arnaud (NYM) Jose Fernandez (MIA)

AL MOY: Ned Yost (KC) Terry Francona (CLE)

NL MOY: Clint Hurdle (PIT)

I correctly predicted the position in the standings of 11 of the 30 teams. Most of my predictions were just a position off. I was correct about 2 of the 10 awards. In the AL, I correctly predicted 3 of the 5 teams to make it to the postseason. In the NL, I correctly predicted 4 of the 5 teams to make the postseason. Not great across the board, but not too shabby.

On April 3rd, I talked about my experience at the Semifinals of the World Baseball Classic, where I saw Japan and Puerto Rico play on March 17th. It was a BLAST! However, I did not snag a ball.


On April 4th, I talked about the game that my High School baseball team played at Banner Island Ballpark.


On April 7th, I blogged about Opening Day at the O.co Coliseum, between (Once again) the A’s and Mariners on April 1st. This game was a lot of fun! It felt good to be back at the Coliseum for live baseball. I snagged 1 ball.


On April 13th, I talked about my second game of the year. 2 days after Opening Day, I was back out at the yard for some more baseball between the Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics, on April 3rd. I snagged 2 balls.


On April 20th, I blogged about my first Minor League game of the season, on April 5th. This one featured the Bakersfield Blaze and Stockton Ports, where the Ports wore their new Friday jerseys for the first time! I snagged 10 balls at this game, which was the most I had ever snagged at a game before! The Ports also gave me a press pass, which was really cool!


On April 28th, I wrote about my 4th game of the season, my 3rd MLB one, on April 13th. I snagged one ball in the game between the Detroit Tigers and Oakland A’s. There was a fleece blanket giveaway. Keep in mind that it was a day game.


4 Months. 17,758 Views. 32 Posts. 30,640 Words Written.

In May, I continued going to games, finally blogged about a crazy game, and introduced you to Mr. Hahn! I had 2,091 total views in the month of May, that is an average of about 67 views each day. I was ranked 21st in the MLBlogs Latest Leaders for the month of May 2013. In the 8 entries I published in May, I wrote 14,022 words.

On May 1st, I blogged about my second Minor League game of the season, on April 21st. It was On-Field Photo day with the Ports! This is where I got my first ever lineup card. I snagged 6 balls at this game!

bjin-plcqaeomep img_4270

On May 14th, I introduced you to my math teacher, Mr. Hahn, who is a huge baseball fan. He shared some pretty awesome and crazy stories with me!


On May 17th, I wrote about Reggie Jackson bobblehead day in Oakland, on April 27th, where I snagged 1 ball.


On May 21st, I wrote about the craziest day of the year for me. On April 29th, Adam Olson couldn’t go to the game, so he gave me his tickets. After school, I conveniently had a doctor’s appointment right near his house. After the appointment, we got the tickets from him and my mom and I rushed to the nearby BART station, barely making the train. We got to the Coliseum a few minutes before the gates opened, and I snagged 3 balls in BP.


It was also Josh Hamilton Appreciation night. This was Josh’s first game back since he dropped a fly ball, leading to the A’s winning the AL West in 2012.


At the end of 9 innings, the game was tied, so it went into extra innings. There were 10 innings that followed. It was the longest game in Oakland history! Brandon Moss hit a walk-off home run just shy of 2am. We even got to see Jerry Blevins hit! My dad just WALKED IN during the 15th inning and after the game, he got a picture of everyone that stayed in right field for all 19 innings. I then tweeted it out and it was retweeted by Peter Gammons! It aired on Intentional Talk, and I ended up doing a radio interview about the whole day!


There is so much more that I want to share with you about this day, so again, check it out here.

On May 24th, I wrote a really interesting entry about a man named Harvey Codde. He was a pitcher in the Dodgers organization and the father of one of the women in the front office at my school. Ms. Getgen had some really cool things to show me!


On May 26th, I wrote about the A’s game I went to on May 17th. I didn’t ballhawk, so I didn’t snag a ball, but it was Bacon Friday. Check out the entry I wrote to get the backstory on that!


May 29th was the two-year anniversary of 7000 Coliseum Way, so I wrote an letter, thanking everyone for their support with this blog.

On May 31st, I blogged about MyGameBalls.com BallhawkFest: Bay Area, which took place on May 18th. A group of ballhawks gathered in Oakland for Pizza, a softball game in the parking lot, and a great amount of ballhawking in BP!


The group included (Clockwise from top left): Spencer Sanborn, Ryan Dalton, Kelly Byrnes, Rick Gold, “Splash Hit” Steve Garrison, myself, and “McCovey Cove” Dave Edlund. My family, Kelly’s wife Leah, and Leming Tang also were there, but not in the picture. Together, we snagged 22 balls as a group!


The highlight of BP was Bruce Chen playing catch with a couple of kids in the stands. I tweeted it to Alex Espinosa, of Cut4, and it eventually was on the front page of *YAHOO*.


5 Months. 19,850 Views. 40 Posts. 44,662 Words Written

In June, I continued going to and writing about both Major and Minor League games. I had 1,847 total views in the month of June, that is an average of about 61 views each day. I was ranked 25th in the MLBlogs Latest Leaders for the month of June 2013. In the 5 entries I published in June, I wrote 11,550 words.

On June 6th, I wrote about how I got to see Josh Reddick make a rehab appearance in Stockton on May 27th, which was Memorial Day. My dad, sister, and I headed to Stockton, where I snagged 7 balls and got my first bat of any kind, ever. This broken bat!


On June 9th, I blogged about Yoenis Cespedes jersey day, which was on June 1st. It was a long day, but after a surprising BP, I managed 2 baseballs. I also got to meet “MLB’s Greatest Sign Maker,” Ian Sagabaen. I provided him a photo to make this sign.

On June 13th, I published a really cool entry. After my high school varsity team went 24-2, one of the parents rented out the BBQ terrace in Oakland on June 2nd, and they invited me to join them! I should have snagged a foul ball in the 8th inning, but didn’t, because I was visiting in the Right Field bleachers at the time.img_4753

On June 25th, I published an entry about the June 8th, which was quite an adventure. My family’s car broke down a few hours before we wanted to head out to Stockton, and by the time we finally left our house in a rental car, Ports BP had already started. Ports pitcher Seth Frankoff  and his wife Bess were kind enough to leave us tickets to the game. I ended up snagging 5 balls. On our way to the game, I tweeted Modesto Nuts shortstop Trevor Story, telling him that I was coming to the game. Not only did I get the Nuts lineup card after the game, but Trevor gave me the bat he used from the game!img_5304

On June 30th, I blogged about my first game of the season in Modesto, on June 13th. I snagged 9 balls and got the Nuts lineup card after the game! This was also the game where I picked up the Media Pass that the Nuts gave me.img_6715

6 Months. 21,697 Views. 45 Posts. 56,212 Words Written.

In July, I spent the first few weeks at Boy Scout Camp. After getting back, I continued to go to games! I had 1,923 total views in the month of July, that is an average of about 62 views each day. I was ranked 23rd in the MLBlogs Latest Leaders for the month of July 2013. In the 3 entries that I published in July, I wrote 3,756 words.

On July 27th,I wrote about a disappointing game ballhawking-wise, which took place on June 25th. On the bright side, I got to preview the Coco Lean Bobblehead!


On July 29th, I wrote about A’s Root Beer Float day, which was on June 26th. I wasn’t planning to ballhawk, but surprisingly, there was BP!


On July 30th, I wrote about Coco Crisp Bernie Lean bobblehead day, which took place on June 29th. That day was an adventure to say the least!


7 Months. 23,620 Views. 48 Posts. 59,968 Words Written.

In August, I went to a lot of games! I also blogged about my July games and went to Kansas! I had 3,080 total views in the month of August, that is an average of about 99 views each day. I was ranked 15th in the MLBlogs Latest Leaders for the month of  August 2013.  In the 13 entries I published in August, I wrote 20,541 words.

On August 1st, I wrote about the A’s game on July 14th, where I didn’t give much effort at ballhawking, so I was shutout. Still a good time!


On August 2nd, I wrote about my 1st MiLB game of the month. On July 27th at Banner Island Ballpark, I got a lineup card and snagged a life-time high 11 baseballs, due to something special before the game… Click on the link to find out!


On August 4th, I blogged about July 29th, when I forgot to bring the camera… However, it was an amazing day! I snagged 3 balls, two of them hit balls during Blue Jays BP. I had a really cool exchange with a family in the LF bleachers after BP.


On August 6th, I talked about the game on July 31st, where I once again snagged 3 balls, including a foul ball!


On August 7th, I wrote about the game in Oakland on August 2nd, where I got to see early BP for the first time! I also got to try on Satoshi’s awesome mask!


On August 10th, I wrote about the game in Modesto on August 3rd that I was at, but nobody else in my family was. Will drove me!


On August 11th, I blogged about the game on August 4th that I took my uncle to. He was the MVP fan of the game!


On August 12th, I snagged 13 balls, which is the most I have ever snagged in a single game. I also got to do an interview with Benjamin Hill, of MiLB.com. Check out the interview here!


On August 14th, I wrote about the game in Stockton on August 11th, where my dad took arguably my favorite picture of 2013. I snagged 6 balls as well.


On August 18th, I talked briefly about a game I would like to forget…


On August 20th, I wrote about August 14th, when this dude named Zack Hample came to Oakland. You may have heard of him…


On August 24th, I wrote about my family’s small trip to Kansas for my cousin’s wedding. Why was this a noteworthy trip? I got to tour Kansas States’s baseball facility. Plus, the airport in Kansas City has a really cool restaurant.


On August 31st, I wrote about August 23rd, at Banner Island Ballpark. My dad and I were the first ones in line, but I was shut out at this game. However, I still walked away with a few other really cool souvenirs.


8 Months. 26,700 Views. 61 Posts. 80,509 Words Written.

In September, school had finally gotten started again, so I had less time for blogging and going to games. But that didn’t stop me! I had 2,175 total views in the month of September, that is an average of about 73 views each day. I was ranked 21st in the MLBlogs Latest Leaders for the month of September 2013. In the 6 entries I published in September, I wrote 8,940 words.On September 4th, I blogged about a game that my mom won free tickets to. Plus, I had the best BP of any of my MLB games. 


On September 22nd, I wrote about a game where I got 2 balls outside the stadium before the gates opened, with NO batting practice. It was also catch on the field day, which is always a good time. September 1st was a good game!


On September 23rd, I talked about the Ports last regular season game, on September 2nd. There was no BP, but once the gates opened, I had a few surprises. Plus, I had some really cool encounters with players after the game! Seth Frankoff left us tickets again, and I got a few cool souvenirs.


On September 24th, I wrote about my only Giants game of the season at AT&T Park, on September 7th. In the only 2 games in San Francisco that I had tried to ballhawk at, I hadn’t snagged a thing. However, this time, I got a BP home run!


On September 28th, I blogged about a game between the A’s and Twins on September 20th. I snagged 4 balls in BP and overall, had a great time.


On September 29th, I talked about one of the most frustrating days of the season, September 21st. It pouring all morning long, there was a rain delay, and I didn’t’y snag a ball. But it was fun.


9 Months. 28,875 Views. 67 Posts. 89,449 Words Written.

October means playoff time! And you know I was there! I had 2,097 total views in the month of October, that is an average of about 68 views each day. I was ranked 20th in the MLBlogs Latest Leaders for the month of October 2013. In the 6 entries I published in October, I wrote 9,165 words.

On October 3rd, I wrote about the game where the A’s clinched the AL West. September 22nd was a crazy day!

img_7577 (1)

On October 4th, I let you know that I would be going to every A’s home playoff game! I told you where I would be sitting and why certain seeding would be better for me.

On October 5th, I brought you my experiences from Game 1 of the ALDS, where I snagged 2 balls! October 4th was a great day!


On October 13th, I talked about Game 2 of the ALDS. October 5th was a fun night, even though I didn’t snag a ball. It could have been better, but it could have been a whole lot worse!


On October 19th, I brought to you my experiences from Game 5 of the ALDS, on October 10th. I didn’t try to ballhawk, since I missed most of BP. To ad to all of it, the A’s lost and were eliminated.


On October 31st, I gave you my MyGameBalls.com Ballhawk of the Year ballot. I shared with you who I thought deserved a vote for BOTY and Junior BOTY.

10 Months. 30,972 Views. 73 Posts. 98,614 Words Written.

In November, I took some time off from writing to focus on school. However, I still gave you guys a quick update at the end of the month. I had 745 total views in the month of November, that is an average of about 25 views each day. I was ranked 26th in the MLBlogs Latest Leaders for the month of November 2013. In the entry I published in November, I wrote 688 words.

On November 31st, I gave you guys a quick update to what was going on in my life and what I had planned for the future. I asked you guys what you wanted me to write about, and that’s what I will be writing about!

11 Months. 31,717 Views. 74 Posts. 99,302 Words Written.

In Decmeber, I started writing about hockey games and Bleacher Gatherings. I also had  this post and a few others. I had 1,148 total views in the month of November, that is an average of about 37 views each day. I was ranked (TBD) in the MLBlogs Latest Leaders for the month of November 2013. In the entries I published in November, I wrote 10,321 words.

 On December 7th, I wrote about the first two bleacher gatherings of the offseason. It’s great to still be able to see my baseball friends during the offseason!


On December 23rd, I blogged about my first hockey game of the offseason, which was on November 11th.


On December 24th, I published another bleacher gathering entry. This day was a lot of fun!


On December 28th, I took you back in time, to April 10th, 2009, for a throwback entry!


On December 29th, I blogged about the hockey game that I went to the day before. That was a good time!


Yesterday, on December 30th, I had to thank A LOT of people. I thanked my family, ballhawks, A’s friends, and other baseball friends that made 2013 all that much better for me.


On December 31st, I published this entry. This mammoth entry.

12 Months. 32,865 Views. 81 Posts. 109,623 Words Written.

NEVER in a million years would have expected to be where I am now. If you had told me 5 years ago that this is what I would be doing and this is where I was at, I would have laughed. At the end of 2012, I had 43 Facebook Likes. Now I have  131. At the end of last year, I had 195 Twitter followers. Now, I have 463. I want to again thank you all for your support with this blog, I could never do it without you. YOU guys are the reason I still write and blog. I look forward to more writing next year. Thank You all very much and have a Happy New Year!

Today will be the last day of the @nickbatters Twitter and Instagram handle. As soon as we switch over to 2014, I will be changing my Twitter and Instagram… Stay tuned to find out!


Nick Badders is a blogger for MLB.com. He writes the blog, 7000 Coliseum Way, and you can follow him on Twitter @nickbatters. You can also LIKE his blog on Facebook. This blog entry was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.


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