Bleacher Gatherings #1

A couple of entries ago, you guys said that you would want me to blog about any Oakland Bleacher gatherings that I go to, and I have two to talk about in this entry!

First off, towards the end of October, there was a Bleacher Barbecue at Mosswood Park in Oakland. It was the first of the off-season events, and it was a great time!

When we got there, Will took a picture of me, my sister, and my dad.



I spent about a half hour talking to people before I engaged in some wiffle ball with Samuel.


He has some good movement on his pitches!


I got quite a few solid hits off of him, but he was fooling me quite a bit!

1378837_10201877417924400_280482371_n (1)

Thanks to Will for this photo!

When I took the mound, I was focusing on my knuckleball, but it did go wild a few times!


After some food, catch, and wiffle ball, I headed over to join in with the softball game.

I forget who was on what teams, but my I can remember that my team had me, Rick Arens,and  Mike Davie. The other team had Jorge if I am not mistaken…

Ross and Samuel didn’t play, but they did come out to watch!



As did Will and Vanessa!


Keith Salminen was on the other team as well. He is the man behind A’s Fan Radio.


And let me tell you right now… He can hit!


Rick was putting some good balls into play.


As was Jorge.


I’m not sure who this is… But he was BOMBING it. I’d say he was hitting it at least 300-350 feet. It was impressive!


Jorge was also muscling some balls up.



Keith’s younger brother, David also hit a few home runs, he was hitting it far as well!

If I remember correctly, Jorge hit a home run at some point.


This guy was hitting it far as well.


If I am not mistaken, I went 4-7 on the day, with 3 singles and a double, 1 run scored, and 5 RBIs.s


I also played second base, making some gold-glove worthy plays if I do say so myself.


Will took those two photos of me.

That is more or less it! My team won on a walk-off grand slam, so that was pretty epic. I think the score was 54-53. I ate some more food, socialize a bit more, then we decided it was time to head home. It was a great time!

Next… Bleacher Bowling #3…

Every other week, members of the Right and Left Field bleachers join up for Pizza and Bowling! I was unable to make the 2 held in November, but thankfully the gathering on December 2nd I was able to attend! Usually, 2o or so bleacher members gather at Porky’s Pizza Palace for a couple of hours, then head off to Manor Bowl for some bowling fun!

The event “started” at 7:30pm, but my dad, sister, and I got there around 7:45ish. I didn’t get any pictures of the pizza eating or anything of that nature, but if you must know, I got a cheese pizza with bacon. It was amazing.

Around 9:15, we headed to go bowling down the street at Manor Bowl.

We had lanes 1-5. In lane 1 was Cara Miller and her family. Lane 2 was Will and Shane Roe. Lane 3 was Ryan, Omar Gonazlez, Vanessa, and Myself. Lane 4 was Wiggi, my dad, my sister, Christain Gin, and Karl Goldthrope.. I forget who was in Lane 5. There were also a lot of people just hanging out and watching!

My dad finished 2nd in his group of 5.


And Omar finished 2nd both times in our lane.


He can put some CRAZY spin on the ball!


Vanessa and I were in a constant battle for 3rd place.


And Ryan was just blowing everyone away. He is a very good bowler! Omar gave him a little run for his money, but Ryan came out on top!IMG_7455

Ryan was dominating.IMG_7525

Will has an interesting bowling style.


That involves a dance every time he gets a strike or spare.





It’s fun to watch!


He was taking some silly pictures with Vanessa when it wasn’t his turn.


This is the picture that was being taken.


Thanks to Will for that photo!

I was doing okay…


I had quite a few gutter balls…


But I did have a couple of spares I think.


I feel like the ball I was using was too heavy…


Here’s a great photo of my dad and sister, as taken by Will!


Here’s a photo Will got of my sister


Will also took the last 3 photos of me. Thanks!

Like I mentioned, Omar was on his game!


Going into the last frame, this was the score of my dad and sister’s game.


In his last game, Will decided to bowl like this…


He didn’t do great, but he actually did get a strike!

But like I mentioned, Ryan was the best out of everyone there!IMG_7985We left around 10pm or so, but it was a great time!

Whenever there are any more bleacher gatherings, I will be sure to get lots of pictures and post blog entries about them!

I *may* have another entry up tomorrow. If not, it will be up next weekend! A couple of weeks ago, I went to a Stockton Thunder game with my dad. Since you guys want me to blog about it, I will!

Thanks for reading!


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