It all Started in 203…

So I’m sure you all have noticed the February, March, and April MLBlogs Latest Leaders, right?

February was an amazing month to say the least! Then came APRIL!

Towards the end of February, my math teacher decided it was his mission to get my blog to #1. He told EVERYONE in the school about it, telling everyone to check out 7000 Coliseum Way!

My view count EXPLODED when he did so!

In March, he did not do this, but in April, he picked back up again, making sure EVERYONE was reading EVERY post I put up!

After finding out that he was such a huge baseball fan, I talked with him a little bit.

Quick Intro:Room 203 is my math class. My math teacher is Mr. Hahn. And he is kind of a bad-ass.

Warning. This entry has nothing to do with Math and my performance in this entry does not have any affect on my grade in Math or any other classes.

First, his math classes have a Facebook and Twitter page. As readers of the 7000 Coliseum Way MLBlog, I request that you go follow him on Twitter and Like his page on Facebook. I know you guys don’t care about my math HW, but I think it will startle him enough to all of a sudden get a lot of followers!


He’s also a baseball fan. Actually, he is a HUGE baseball fan determined to make it onto my blog! He has supported my blog so much this year, THANK YOU to him for supporting me and being VERY determined to get my blog to #1 at MLBlogs.

I talked with him a few days ago to understand just how much he is into baseball. He had some great stories to share and is a really interesting guy!

1) Growing up, who was your favorite baseball team and/or player(s)?
I had two teams I followed while growing up. One was the Montreal Expos(now the Washington Nationals) and the Oakland A’s. My favorite team by far was the A’s. My favorite baseball player was Rickey Henderson. I was VERY into baseball cards and I think I had over 400+ cards of just Rickey. I have them in a safe at my parents house still.
2) If I remember correctly, every summer, you go on a baseball road trip. Tell me about that.
Here is the whole story, so relax because this is going to take a while. One year my two cousins (Jacob and Greg) and my brother Brad all drove up to Sacramento to watch a Rivercats game. It was a great game and on the way home from Sacramento one of us said “Let’s stop in Stockton to see if they have a game tonight.” So we stopped and they had a game starting soon, so we bought tickets and we made our very own doubleheader. While watching that game, we made a pact that we would go on a baseball road trip every year as we all had the love of the game in common. A long story short- Trip #2 was a road trip all over California where we hit all MLB stadiums and MiLB stadiums in 13 days. A few of the days we saw two games and we were driving like crazy! Crazy road trip! After that trip my cousin became a minor league umpire and Greg and I decided that we were going to travel to see him work in whatever league he was in. So the next year, Trip #3, we went up to Yakima, WA to see him ump in the Northwestern League. On our trips, we at least saw every stadium around us, we try to go to as many games as possible both MLB and MiLB, and of course the typical touristy attractions. The next year, Trip #4, we followed Jacob to the South Atlantic League in Raleigh, North Carolina. Trip #5 was a trip to Cleveland, Ohio, which was the Midwest League. On that trip it was Greg, myself, my brother (who decided he wanted to do another road trip again, and my other cousin Jeff). Let’s just say Jeff and Brad couldn’t handle it and haven’t been on a baseball trip since! Trip #6 was to Washington D.C. and this was the last trip as Jacob being an umpire as he resigned after this trip to go to college. Trip #7 was a road trip to Phoenix to see Diamondbacks and some rookie ball, Vegas to see the 51s play and then to Fresno to see the Grizzlies play. Trip #8 was to Chicago. Great trip, as we saw the White Sox, Cubs, and Kane County among other minor league games. Trip #9, which is this year, we are going to go to Atlanta. There are a few minor league teams there along with the Braves. It should be a blast and actually tonight (**Interview Conducted on 2/23**) we have a “meeting” to discuss dates as we match up home games, etc. Our trips are nonstop and we barely every sleep. We just keep driving and experiencing the area for which we are in. It isn’t made for everyone! On a side note, my cousin Greg keeps a log of EVERYTHING we have done from miles we have driven to what we have seen. His roles within the trips are the itinerary and directions. He does a great job, but we have seen some funky stuff!
Here are a few pictures from his various trips that he shared with me.

3) Are those the only games you make it to each year?
I love minor league baseball. I go to probably 5-10 Minor League games a year and maybe 5-ish MLB games a year.

4) What is your favorite stadium that you have visited?
My favorite MLB stadium is definitely PETCO. There are a lot of little nuances throughout the stadium that a casual fan wouldn’t even bother looking for. My favorite MiLB stadium would be Greensboro Grasshoppers (the ball boy is a dog named Babe…how can you not buy a tickets just to see that?!)

5) What stadiums would you still like to visit and what teams do you still want to see play?
I want to see Pittsburg’s stadium still. We have run into many people who are on their own baseball trip. The general talk is what stadiums we have all been to and which ones are the worst/best. The Pirates stadium ALWAYS comes up as one of the best stadiums! My National League team was the Expos, which would make me a Nationals fan too. I have seen them play in SF and have been to their stadium on a night when there wasn’t a game, but they are an exciting team to see now with all of the talent on their roster.

6) Of all the games you have been to, can you think of one MLB and/or one MILB game that stands out to you as a favorite game?
No question here. I was at the A’s streak game where they won, I think; it was their 20th in a row. Another game(s) that stuck out to me was the games we saw Mike (now Giancarlo) Stanton play in Greensboro. He was 18 and already a man amongst boys. He was HUGE and his numbers were ridiculous compared to others.

7) When you do go to a Major or Minor League game, at what time to you try to get there?
It kind of depends on who I am with. If I am with my cousins we always get there early especially to MiLB games because you can actually talk to players and coaches. If I am with my family it is usually an hour before the games starts.

8) I know a lot of Minor League teams always have some pretty cool giveaways and promotions. Have you ever gotten any cool giveaways or seen any cool promotions at games before?
We have been to tons of minor league games and there are the normal giveaways(bobbleheads, cards, balls, running around bases, beer batters, etc.) that we are accustomed to. The one giveaway that sticks out was in Rancho Cucamonga. They gave away a loaf of bread to every fan. It was great because we were on a road trip during Trip#2 and we left with around 8 loaves of bread for sandwiches for the rest of the trip. It was classic! I know one thing we try to do every trip is to get at a Minor League game first and try to find the person who is running the games in between innings on the field. We have done tons of those and they are a blast. We have thrown out the first pitch in North Carolina, ran around dressed up as fish (rather than the dot race like at the Coliseum), played the dress-up game, thrown discs into a garbage can, hit a tennis ball off of a tee, etc. It is a lot of fun and one of the things we do.

9) Now tell me about these two balls that you were VERY KIND in giving me.

20130514-182449.jpgMy cousin was a minor league umpire and he umped in the Southern Atlantic League and the Northwest League. Two of our baseball trips was out the see him work and I caught both of those at games. I have a few others from those leagues so I could spare a few to give to an avid fan.

10) How many balls have you snagged in your life?
Combining both MLB and MiLB balls I probably have close to 50. I have caught a ball at Safeco Field, AT&T Park, the Oakland Coliseum, PETCO Park, Dodger Stadium, Angel Stadium, and also Bank One Ballpark in Arizona. It is easy to get balls at the MiLB games and now I leave that to my sons who love to interact with the players before, during, and after the games. And of course they have come home with their share of their own balls.

11) Do you remember the first ball you caught?
I can’t specifically remember my first ball, but one of the first is when I was a beginning teacher and I saw a few of my students in the front row behind the visitors dugout at the A’s game. I went down there to say hi and I was there for about an inning. The last out we were there a right-handed batter with a very late swing hit a ball very fast at us. I stood up and caught it with one hand and sat down very quick. I was in amazement I caught it and kind of embarrassed by all the cheering afterwards. I was with a few of my buddies and they didn’t believe I caught it, so I had to drag my students up there to tell them the story HAHA

12) I have an account at and Minors, where I have logged all 68 baseballs that I have snagged. Now that I have told you about these websites, you could see yourself creating an account?
I am definitely going to look into it.

13) Have you ever caught a home run during a game?
Two stories here: the first story is a FAILURE! I think it was ’99 I went to a dodger game against the cardinals in LA. We were in the bleachers and a homerun was coming our way. The problem was that I was eating nachos and couldn’t decide, through all the excitement, where to put them. The grand slam, the second in the inning by Fernando Tatis, hit off of my hand and landed in the guys seat behind me. I was so pissed and my buddies gave me so much crap because of it!! 🙂 The other is a success is off of a homerun by lance Berkman during BP at PETCO. It was coming to the sandy part of PETCO when I and this old gentleman dove after it after it hit the sand. I came up with it. yep yep!

14) Of the close to 50 balls that you have caught, would you say that more of them have been BP Home Runs, Player Toss-Ups, Easter Eggs (Random Balls in the seats), or In-Game balls?
I would estimate about 8-10 of them being foul balls or batting practice balls and the rest are player toss ups. I get a lot of player toss-ups!! I have seen the A’s in a few stadiums so it is always good when you are wearing an A’s hat and player walks by 🙂

15) Do you try to get autographs at games?
When I was younger I would always try to get autographs. My Papa would go to Spring Training and collect autographs for all of his grandsons. That was always something I looked forward to when he came back. At my age, I do not try to get autographs as I just enjoy the game, the atmosphere, and the happiness the game brings to all types of families.

16) Can you share with me some of your most memorable moments from going to baseball games?
My most memorable times were times when I was with family. Going to games with my uncle, dad, brother, grandpas, and now my family and sons is great. It is a game that just keeps on giving 🙂

17) I shared with you on the first day of class that I write a top MLBlog. What was your first thought when you heard that?
My first reaction was “we have something in common and I will definitely connect with that student.”

18) A few days ago in class, you were having people go to my blog for a majority of the period, and throughout the day. What was your motivation for this and if my blog did get to #1, what would you do?
I am very competitive. SO if there was a way that I can help someone get up the “ranks” I will do it. Having kids go to your blog is just one of those ways. If you got to be #1, it would be great!!!

19) What would you think of starting your own MLBlog. I know my readers would read it, and I’m sure other people would as well!
I have talked to my cousin about starting a MLB blog about our past baseball trips and what we do on them because it is definitely an adventure. I want to talk to you a bit more about how to start one. I think there would be people out there that would be interested in hearing about our trips.
20) Thank You for all of your support of my blog! I appreciate it all very much!
Keep up the good work!

Wow! I am constantly amazed with the support that I have been given! Thank You very much to Mr Hahn for giving me endless support and Thank You to everyone in my 1st Block Class in Trimester 2 and 4th Block Class in Trimester 3!


Nick Badders is a unofficial reporter for He writes the blog, 7000 Coliseum Way, and you can follow him on Twitter @nickbatters or his blog @7000ColiseumWay. You can also LIKE his blog on Facebook or follow him @nickbatters or his blog @7000ColiseumWay on Instagram. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.


  1. The Cub Den

    A fantastic post! I’d love to do a baseball road trip and take our family through the States to see all the parks. I love the Cubs but never been to Wrigley Field. I followed the A’s way back when and still keep track on how they’re doing. I also watch the Blue Jays too, but still a Cubs fan. Love your blog!!!


    • Nick Badders

      Thank you very much! I’d love to do a baseball road trip just up and down California, but I have no clue how that would happen- it would take a little while! I’ve always wanted to go to Wrigley, but I’ve never been able to get out that way. It’s definitely on my to-do list!


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