Mail time!

So, I was browsing through entries and comments from 2009 on Zack Hample’s blog and stumbled upon an interesting concept, brought to me by San Diego ballhawk Leigh Barratt aka PADRELEIGH.

He talked about sending emails to every MLB team requesting fan packs or leftover giveaways. This got me thinking. So that night, I went out and sent emails to every MLB, AAA, AA, and High-A team. As of right now, I’ve gotten replies from the following teams, followed by their responses.

MLB Teams:
Blue Jays– I need to send a self-addressed, stamped envelope
Braves- Send them a Postcard
Cubs- Send them a Postcard
Giants- Emailed me a PDF Fan pack
Indians– Fan pack sent out to mail
Padres- Unable to fulfill Request
Phillies- Postal request
Rangers- Donation needed… $5 Donation made….
Tigers- No giveaways, but will mail fan pack
Twins- Send Postcard from hometown
Yankees- Send Postcard

California League Teams:
Modesto Nuts- Pocket Schedule
San Jose Giants- Pocket Schedule

PCL teams:
Albuquerque Isotopes- No
Round Rock Express- No fan pack- 2012 pocket schedules can me mailed

Yesterday (Friday) I received two envelopes in the mail.

The first one was from the Cleveland Indians. (I forgot to get a picture of the envelope it was sent in)

I opened it up and read this letter

Then, I found 4 2013 pocket schedules

This is what it looked like on the inside:

On the outside:

Then, I found 4 pieces of paper:

They were coloring sheets and a word search!!!!!!

Yeah… I guess it’s pretty cool… JK. I, honestly, am very surprised.

Ok. So now the package I got from the White Sox:

Here is the letter that was inside:

It says there is a sticker and 2 pocket schedules inside. Here is the sticker:

And the pocket schedules:

There were two more items. Here is the first:

I opened it up to find it was a wall calendar that was a giveaway from April 16th-18th.

April-July 2012 pages:

August-November 2012 pages:

December 2012- March 2013 pages:

April 2013, Calendar Cover, Ticket Info, and 2012 Promotion and Giveaway pages:

Here is the last item:

I started to open it up:

And when I opened it up, this is what I saw:

How cool is that? A poster commemorating Phillip Humber’s perfect game in April! To give you perspective on how big it is, here I am holding it up:

The White Sox hooked me up with some awesome stuff!

That’s it for now. I will continue to post new entries as I get packages from various teams and let you guys know what happens!

Remember, let me know if I should blog about my trip to Omaha. Thanks!

Nick Badders is a unofficial reporter for He writes the blog, 7000 Coliseum Way, and you can follow him on Twitter @nickbatters or his blog @7000ColiseumWay. You can also LIKE his blog on Facebook or follow him @nickbatters or his blog @7000ColiseumWay on Instagram. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.


  1. Quinn

    Nick, I am looking in to getting the white sox fan pack. How exactly did you get it/who do you email/what should I ask for. I would like for you to blog about your trip to Omaha also.


    • Nick Badders

      For all of the emails I sent, I had a general format that I followed for each, that I got from the comment on Zack’s blog from Leigh…

      To whom it may concern:

      I am a huge (Insert Team Name here) fan transplanted out here in (Insert City you live in). I was
      wondering if it would be possible for you to send me and my family any fan packs or leftover giveaways you might have? Anything you could
      send would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you in advance.

      (You Name here)
      (Your Address Here)

      So far, I’m surprised with the feedback!
      And regarding the Omaha trip, my dad made me take that part off, but thank you for your feedback!


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    • Nick Badders

      You are very right- the White Sox certainly did hook me up with some very awesome stuff! However, that being said, they were not 14 games out of 1st place in July, going 14-4 in the month, and stunning everyone by coming back and winning the AL West on the last day of the season.;)


  5. whitesoxman77

    Most definitely true buddy. The A’s are a great story every year, I emulate Beane and the A’s organization. One heck of a front office to make them competitive on a semi-regular basis considering the money-making juggernauts in their division.


    • Nick Badders

      It is crazy to look at the Rangers and Angels, with their rosters and payrolls, then you see this A’s team that comes in, shocking everybody! This will certainly be an interesting year for the AL West. The one thought that keeps crossing the back of my mind is if the Mariners DO trade for Gioncarlo Stanton, they just completely have changed the AL West.


      • whitesoxman77

        Very true. They have good young pitching coming up, Kendrys Morales now in the fold with Jesus Montero continuing to develop into a solid power hitter. The Central will once again be known as Comedy Central. But in all honesty I haven’t heard a rumor to that tune yet, and I can’t see the Mariners wanting to give up the pieces that would be necessary to haul Giancarlo out of Florida.


      • Nick Badders

        This season will certainly be interesting for the A’s and Angels. I heard the rumor on MLB Network. They are in talks with Miami to send their 2 top pitching prospects to the Marlins for Stanton.


      • whitesoxman77

        Sorry for the late reply, but I don’t think there is a way in hell the Marlins could ever be satisfied enough with a package of prospects to deal Stanton, he is too good and has way to much control left to be dealt, even for Miami’s cheap tastes.


      • Nick Badders

        I don’t think it would ever get done either. You never know. I didn’t see them ever trading Reyes, Johnson, and and Buehrle all at once, but it happened. If Ken Roesnthall said, it there have to have been at least talks. I still don’t expect this to happen, but it would be CRAZY if it did.


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