Matt Cain’s Perfect Game

Ugh!!!! I need to vent here. I get it, ok, Matt Cain threw a perfect game woopdy doo good for him. A perfect game. That is hard to do. I will give him that. But the A’s played a hell of a game tonight and nobody cares! Just spend a moment of your time to look at the highlights from the A’s game.

Top 1st:
Collin Cowgill singles and Seth Smith hits a 2 run home run to give the A’s a 2-0 lead against Josh Outman, who he was traded for over the winter.
Oakland 2 Colorado 0

Bottom 1st:
Tom Milone falls apart. He allows 2 walks and a single, then gives up a grand slam to Todd Helton to make it 4-2 then a single to Josh Outman to give the Rockies a 5-2 lead.
Oakland 2 Colorado 5

Top 2nd:
The A’s go quietly 1-2-3.
Oakland 2 Colorado 5

Bottom 2nd
Michael Cuddyer homers to make it 6-2 Colorado.
Oakland 2 Colorado 6

Top 3rd
Outman has retired 8 in a row- 3 up, 3 down.
Oakland 2 Colorado 6

Bottom 3rd
Milone strikes out the side.
Oakland 2 Colorado 6

Top 4th
Gomes, who came into the game for Cespedes doubles and then score on a single off the bat of Brandon Inge. Two batters later, Brandon Moss hits his third home run in 2 days, and his fourth as an Athletic to make it a one-run game.
Oakland 5 Colorado 6

Bottom 4th
Michael Cuddyer hits a 2-run shot, his second home run of the game to make it 8-5 Rockies.
Oakland 5 Colorado 8

Top 5th:
Cowgill Walks, but the inning ends on a double play ball from Seth Smith.
Oakland 5 Colorado 8

Bottom 5th:
Jim Miller comes in the game for Milone and walks Wilin Rosario, who advances to third base on a throwing error by Josh Donaldson to second base. Chris Nelson walks and then Miller gets the next two batters out to hold the game at 8-5.
Oakland 5 Colorado 8

Top 6th:
On the first pitch Jonny Gomes sees in the inning, he belts a home run to left-center to make it a 2-run game.
Oakland 6 Colorado 8

Bottom 6th:
Marco Scutaro singles, but Tyler Colvin flies into a double play to erase the runner at 1st. Michael Cuddyer continues his huge day at the plate with a double, but is stranded at second base.
Oakland 6 Colorado 8

Top 7th:
Cliff Pennington reaches base on an error by Scutaro, followed by a pinch hit walk to Coco Crisp. Jemile Weeks then grounds into a force out with Crisp being thrown out at second base. The Rockies bring in a new pitcher, who promptly allows an RBI single to Cowgill to make it a one-run game.
Oakland 7 Colorado 8

Bottom 7th:
Jerry Blevins comes in and allows a single up the middle to Jordan Pacheco, which is erased on a double play off the bat of Will Rosario.
Oakland 7 Colorado 8

Top 8th:
Josh Donaldson walks, but Moss and Pennington strike out to end the inning.
Oakland 7 Colorado 8

Bottom 8th:
Blevins gets two quick outs, then allows a single to Marco Scutaro, but Tyler Colvin flies out to end the inning.
Oakland 7 Colorado 8

Top 9th:
The Rockies bring their closer in, Rafael Betancourt to end the game for them and secure a win. Coco Crisp singles and Jemile weeks bunts him over to second, on a hit that he almost beat out. Coco quickly steals third base and then Collin Cowgill hits a sacrifice fly to right field to score Coco from third and tie the game. Seth Smith then doubles, followed by pinch hitter Josh Reddick being intentionally walked to bring runners to second and third with two outs and Brandon Inge at the plate. Inge doubles on a sharp ground ball down the third base line, scoring both Reddick and Smith, to put the A’s ahead 10-8. Josh Donaldson strikes out swinging to send the game to the bottom of the 9th.
Oakland 10 Colorado 8

Bottom 9th:
Ryan Cook comes into the game to get his second save in 2012 and although Michael Cuddyer singles, Todd Helton grounds into a double play to make it one out away from an amazing come-from-behind victory for the A’s. Former Athletic Jason Giambi comes in to pinch hit, but is hit by a pitch which is followed by a fly out to Josh Reddick to end the game.
Oakland 10 Colorado 8

Yes. Quite simply the A’s play a heck of a game. After the final out, I turn to MLB Network to see a live look-in to the Giants game. I soon find out that the he is throwing a perfect game. Cool for him. Oh wait. The Giants are playing the HOUSTON ASTROS. Come on now! The Astros suck! They have a worse record than the A’s. In fact, only 4 teams have worse records than the Astros.

You have no clue how much it frustrates me that the A’s had a huge comeback win and played a great game in Colorado and all of a sudden, here comes Matt Cain, pitching a perfect game against the ASTROS!

Oh, and by the way,the Giants were not the only team that played well! R.A. Dickey allowed one hit against the Rays, who only have 6 teams that are better than them. Lance Lynn pitched 8 shut out innings, as the Cardinals topped the White Sox 1-0.

Stephen Strasburg pitched a great game against the Blue Jays. Felix Doubront pitched 7 very strong inning for the Red Sox to top the Marlins. Laynce The Royals won on a walk off against the Brewers. The Padres shut out the Mariners 1-0 and the Angels pulled ahead of the Dodgers in the top of the 9th, with the LA Kings in the house to win 2-1. And A-Rod hit a grand slam to tie himself for the all-time grand slam lead in MLB history.

Sigh… I think what frustrated me most was how much publicity it got over everything else. Yes, a perfect game is really amazing, but the fact that there were so many other amazing games and none of them are going to be recognied on MLB Network, ESPN, oh, and when I tried to listen to the A’s post-game show, all that they were talking about was the Giants game. Da Frick? Maybe it stemed from everybody posting about it on Instagram. Well I guess that it got to the point where my comments talking about my frustrations on people’s pictures about the game were deleted. I’m sorry that we have different opinions, ok? I have taken time to listen to you go on about how the Giants are “better,” so how about you take 5 minutes of your life to consider this. Thanks a lot.


  1. connor

    I know, I’m just playin. And besides, we have to have a little giants-a’s rivalry (I’m the Giants fan “Connor” that was on Zack’s blog)


    • Nick Badders

      I figured it was you! Most of my friends are Giants Fans, so I am pretty used to it and ready to defend my A’s! And of course a little rivalry doesn’t hurt as long as everyone knows the A’s are better!


      • connor

        Well I’m headed off to the giants—dodgers game tonight. I’ll see if I can get one of the commemorative balls. Oh and compare the Giants record to the A’s, then we’ll decide who’s better!


  2. connor

    No dice. I didn’t see one anywhere on the field or sitting in the dugout. I asked tony Gwynn jr if he’d seen any and he said “nope”. Then I asked Chris capuano who said that he’d seen them and that they use them in BP but he didn’t respond to me when I asked if he could spare one if he sees one. I got lots of autographs though. And you’re right they don’t toss any up


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