My Projected 2012 A’s Roster, ect…

1. J. Weeks (2B)
2. C. Penny (SS)
3. C. Crisp (LF)
4. Y. Cespedes (LF)
5. B. Allen (1B)
6. K. Suzuki (C)
7. J. Reddick (RF)
8. J. Gomes (DH)
9. S. Sizemore (3B)

S. Smith
D. Barton
E. Sogard
A. Recker

Starting Rotation:
1. B. McCarthy
2. B. Colon
3. T. Ross
4. G. Godfry
5. D. Braden

CL: F. De Los Santos
SU: G. Balfour
MR: B. Fuentes
MR: J. Devine
MR: J. Blevins
MR: R. Cook
MR: J. Parker

That’s about it…. I don’t know what else to say so that’s about it. Go ahead and comment below or on Facebook or Twitter. What do you think?

Typed via DROID

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