2011 Blog in Review

Well, since I started my blog on May 29th, I have done a lot.
I have gone to 7 baseball games, snagged 5 baseballs, and met Zack Hample.

It started off being A’s game preivews. I wrote a previews for A’s games on May 26th, 30th, 31st and June 28th.

I also wrote some end-of-game reviews for May 29th and 30th

I also blogged about my A’s themed room. I included pictures of the walls and posters in my room, and a pic of my baseball card collection.

On Tuesday, June 28th, I went to my first A’s game of the 2011 season. That is where I snagged my first MLB ball ever.

Then, in July, after a week of Boy Scout summer camp, my family went to the A’s/Angels doubleheader.

The next day, my dad took my friend Ryan and I to 80’s day at the Coliseum. This was one of the best baseball games i had ever attended. It was wow…

2 days later, for Ryan’s birthday, he and his mom invited me to a Giants-Dodgers game. And let me clarify, we rooted for the Dodgers all the way.

After another week of Boy Scout camp, I went to another A’s game, this one, on July 31st.

On August 13th, I went to yet another A’s game.

And on Septermber 2nd, I went to my last baseball game of the year, where I snagged 2 balls, and met Zack Hample.

And this is the game that I almost caught Cliff Pennington’s HR… it pissed me off that I didn’t

This is how close I came:

Green: Meeeee!
Red: Hot Chocolate Vendor that STOLE the ball
Blue: The Ball
Teal: The Path of the Ball
Yellow: The Evil Usher who blocked me from the ball

So yeah…If you go to MLB.com and search Cliff :Pennington Home run, it is the three run shot from September 2nd…

Oh, and on April 3rd, my family went to a Nationals game in Washington DC.

And in between, I had a few polls…

I also predicted the standings and awards, and honestly, I didn’t do a very good job…

And to top it all off, I got 2 third place votes on mygameballs.com (nickbatters) for Junior Ballhawk of the Year…

(See if you can find me)

And if you voted for me, thank you VERY much. In the comments below, let me know if one of those votes came from you.

So, that is how my 2011 season turned out… I had a great time, met some great people, and went to soem great games. I will continue to blog throughout the offseaon and all though the 2012 season. I have already started planning for the 2012 A’s season. At this pint, this is whta I have in mind:
*Tokyo Series- This isn’t very likely, due to school, but I will try to pull soem strings
*Miami Marlins Opening Day- Mabye Miami for spring break, if so,Ill be at the New Ballpark
*Opening Week- for spring break- I will be going to some game
*Home Opener- My dad will probaly accept.. and I have a few tricks up my sleave, so stay tuned…
*July 4th vs. the Red Sox- My mom grew up in Boston, and it is the 4th of July, so I will more likely than not get tix
This is all that I have talked about with my folks… I will continue to update throughout the offseason…

Thanks for all of the kind words from all of you who have supported me!

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