7/31/11 at O.Co Coliseum

Like always, thanks to my mom and dad for being willing to take my sister and I to an A’s game on their *anniversery* Pretty awesome. (And yes, they did get to got to dinner after)

Kurt Suzuki Gold Replica Jersey day.

Pretty Hacking awesome. My family showed up at the Coliseum at 11:20 and we immediately got in line because I wanted that jersey. Really bad. Now for the record, any more pictures that I show for the rest of this entry were taken by my dad. He is a good picture taker. (Yes, I know photographer is the term)

So, I did get a Suzuki jersey so, I was happy. Now, when we got to our seats, Rich Harden was warming up, along with Andrew Bailey, Brian Fuentes, and a few others. I was really hoping to get a ball cause, well you know. I want more balls.

Andrew Bailey was throwing

So was Brian Fuentes:

And Andrew again:

All of these people were playing with baseballs. There was no BP today, which sucked. I had to rely on balls from players. I knew all the players faces, and nobody tossed me a ball. Ugh. Then, rich Harden started a bullpen session in the bullpen, so I went over there to try to get a ball

And while he was doing that, Gio and Jerry Blevins were talking in LF

Then, Gio came over to sign autographs

Then, he stopped for a minute and ran over to the LF bleachers. Some guy in the LF bleachers tossed Gio Gonzalez a box of fricking TWINKIES! He just tossed then on to the field, Gio caught them, and took them to the bullpen. After that, I really didn’t know what to say. Well, actually I did. And it goes like this: “Gio! Could I have a ball?” But, no, no ball, after that “Gio can you sign my ticket?” Well that, he did.

Then, I went to go get a program and when I came back, nobody was on the field; the out came Brandon McCarthy in the gold jersey. Yes! He started warming up with Casey Chavez, the A’s bullpen catcher, and Eric Chavez’s brother.

And despite I was the only one in my section who knew they actually were, they ignored me once they were done. No ball for Nick. The, Kurt Suzuki jogged out of the A’s dugout and headed toward the bullpen. He got a round of applause because it was his jersey day. He went to the bullpen to warm up with Brandon.

Then, after that, nothing really happened. No catch on the LF line, nothing, really. But, then the game started. And the first batter of the game, Ben Revere tripled:

Here is a picture that proves that the Jerseys were given out

After that, I really don’t know what so say. I mean, the Twins score three runs. Jim Theme hit his 597th career home run.
That was cool. Then, the A’s scored 7 runs. It started with Jemile weeks beating the throw at first on what should have been a routine groundball out

Then, he scored one of the 6 runs:

After that, the A’s score one more run. Whoo-Hoo!
I throughly enjoyed watching the game (As you can tell)

No seriously. I was having a great time.

Then, Andrew bailey came to close out the game in the top of the ninth, even though it was not a save situation.

Then, the game was over

*Score: A’s 7 – Twins 3
*Autographs: 1- Gio Gonzalez
*Giveaway: 1- Gold Jersey
*Balls: 0 :,,,,,,(
*Overall- Goodday game wise, cool giveaway, I got an autograph,, but 2 games in a a row with no ball…

You can find my MyGameBalls profile here: http://www.mygameballs.com/baseballdata?db=nickbatters

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