7/19/11 at AT&T Park

Let’s get ready for some Tuesday night baseball in San Fran. Hello, I’m Nick Badders and this is my blog. I went to the game with my friend Ryan, whose birthday it was, and his mom. Ryan invited me. He is awesome. I really appreciate the fact that he invited me and his mom was willing to take us to the game. And, of course, my mom, dad, and sister are awesome as always for supporting me in my baseball adventures.

Ryan and his mom showed up at my house at 4:00. From there we drove to the Dublin/Pleasanton BART Station, which we took to the Embarcadero stop.

Then, we got off BART and got on this cable car train thing called MUNI and we took that to AT&T Park. We entered the place with magic inside at the 2nd street gate.

And for the record, 95% of the magic inside AT&T Park is in Brian Wilson’s beard.

Once inside, his mom went to our seats and Ryan and I headed out to BP, which the Dodgers were in the middle of. We headed to the left field foul pole area and hope the righties would pull a ball to us.

No such luck.

Then we moved over to where the popcorn signs are in CF. While we were there, I did come close to catching 3 different home runs but guys that were bigger than me, I mean seriously bigger than me caught them… Then, a ball was coming straight for me and I leaned about 2 feet over the ball to try to catch it, but no, it tipped off my glove. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

After that, batting practice was just about over, so we headed to our seats.

On the way up, I had to lean over the edge to take a pic of the street.

And take a picture of just San Fran in general.

Then, once we got up there, the view was amazing! And this is what I saw when the game was starting:

The Coke slide in the Coca-Cola Concourse is pretty sweet.

When Brandon Belt came up in the second inning or something like that, he hit a home run. I noticed that they installed the water cannons in right field. I hadn’t noticed that before. Another thing I noticed was that Brandon belt’s smile Creped me out on Sooooooo many levels:

Here are two more random pics of AT&T Park, which if you haven’t gone, is awesome and amazing.

And honestly I don’t have much more to say, I mean, the Dodgers scored three runs, then the Giants scored a run and It was tied. 3-3. WE left during the 7th inning stretch because Ryan’s mom had to be at work early. When we left, it was tied, when I got home, the Giants had won 5-3. Exploitive, expletive!


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