7/17/11 at O.Co Coliseum

Like I usually do, I have to thank my dad. He bought the tickets for these games and was willing to take me and a friend there, really awesome!

Fresh off a double-dip, I wake up at 9:00 am to get ready to go 80’s day at the O.co Coliseum. This game, it was going to be just me, my dad, and my friend Ryan. Ryan is cool. He is a Dodgers, A’s, Raiders, and Lakers fan. He’s co sool that on Tuesday, he and his mom are taking me to the Giants-Dodgers game in SF on tuesday. I can’t wait. Will blog about it after.

But my dad and I left to pick him up at about 10:30 casue we wanted an MC Hammer Bobblehead

And it, is pretty sweet.

Well, we got to the Coliseum at 11:10, 10 minutes after it opened, and yes we all got our bobbleheads, and they are awesome. Well this is what we saw (I was already down there with Ryan and our friend Chris who randomly showed up)

And a random picture, Ken Korach in the SportsRadio 95.7 FM (the Bay Area’s ONLY FM sports station) booth.

And by the time I was done taking that picture, nobody was on the field, so I kinda had nothing to do so i talked with Chris and Ryan.

That’s Me on the left, Chris in the Middle, and Ryan on the Right.

Then, Chris left because, well I don’t know, but he kinda just walked away so I fet it was time for me to help Ryan snag his first MLB baseball. I had been there the day before for 7 hours so I figured they would recognize me, and clearly they did give me the cold shoulder. Especially Angels bullpen catcher Tom Gregorio and bullpen coach Steve Soliz. Weather I yelled, asked politely, or just asked. They ignored me. When Tom went to play catch with starting Catcher Bobby Wilson, I asked for the bal, but no, he put it in his bag.

Then, they left, just dissapeared into the bullpen dugout. Then, some random people sprinted out of the gate with Stomper, the A’s mascot in the “Smiling Chevron Car” and those people were throwing bead necklaces and baseballs into the crowd.

Yeah, I caught some bead necklaaces, no baseball and Stomper looked away from me. Then, it was time for the ceremonial first pitch, by none other than MC HAMMER!

Yeah, number 44 cause that’s Hank Aaron’s number, MC goes with it too.

Here’s Ryan and I watching the Angels warm up:

And that first inning. The A’s kept hitting, they hit, and hit, Conner Jackson hot a Grand slam and they kept hitting. & runs beforethey got an out! *-run first inning. Wow! I finally figured out where the A’s offense has been in 2011… The 1980’s jerseys. Duh! Well, after that, nothing much honestly really happened.

Here is Joel Pinero Warming up before the game:

Gio Gonazlez just being awsome:

Now, there was this one guy that kept warming up for the Angels, his name is Michael Kohn. Everybody thought his name was David Cone. They really did. This guy satrted yelling that David Kone is throwing like a girl, that he’s never warmed up before, that he could hit him, blah, blah, blah. Then, I turned around and yelled at him, “It’s pronounced KOHN!” That shut him up for the rest of the game. Especially after Dick Callahan sid “May I have your attention please. Ladies and gentlemen, now comming in to pitch for the Los Angeles Angels of Aneheim, Michael Kohn” I turned around and looked at that guy and he slumped in his seat. So funny.

Then, this guy got mad at another guy for his kids wearing Giants jerseys and hats to the A’s game. Then they kept cussing. Stuff that I shouldn’t type. And I will leave it at that.

Once the game was over, with a 9-1 A’s win. Ryan and I headed over to the A’s dugout to get autogrphs. By the time we got there, no players were there. We went back to our seats and looked around to see If anyone had left a bobblehead onh accident. We looked for about 20 minutes. No luck.

Well on Tuesday, July 19th, I’m going to the Giants vs. Dodgers game in SF with Ryan. Will take pics, try to snag some balls, blog, ect, ect.


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